In mining industry, if we choose the suitable grinding ball, the ball mill will work in high efficiency, meanwhile it will consume few gridning balls. By which, it save a lot of operation cost for ore grinding.


from long time experience of produce and supply grinding media for mining industry, the tips for choosing grinding ball as follow:

  • the type of grinding ball

there are forged grinding ball and casting grinding ball. We suggest adopting the forged grinding ball.  It is adopted the wet grinding manner in mining ball mill. The slurry will prevent the impacting force of the grinding ball in the ball mill. if the density of the grinding ball is big, the effect of this will be small. While the forged grinding ball has bigger density than the casting gridning ball. So we adopt forged grinding in wet ball mill will be more high efficiency working than casting ball.

Grinding Balls


  • the hardness. More hard, More better?

No. At most of cases, more hard grinding ball means low wear rate, but the price of the grinding ball is higher. While the hard gridning ball sometimes do not make the high grinding capacity of the ball mills.

As the hard grinding balls will bounce seriously in the ball mill, which make the power loss. Also the slip action between the balls surface, can not catch the ore particle. This will make the ball mill will work slowly efficient.

In China, a iron mining ball mills adopt follow different gridning balls, the hardness and ball mill working efficiency as below:
1~ high Cr casting balls                              58.5 HRC        ball mill working efficiency: 1.04 t /M3*h
2~ middle mangenese casting ball          47 HRC            ball mill working efficiency: 1.23 t /M3*h
3~low metal alloy forged ball                   20~30 HRC    ball mill working efficiency: 1.28 t /M3*h
4~20Mn forged ball                                    30~40 HRC   ball mill working efficiency: 1.48 t /M3*h

from the above information, when we supply the grinding balls, anti-abrasive is one item, we shall consider the hardness affect the working efficiency of the ball mill.

  • Add suitable size of grinding ball in proper size distribution

At present, we only add the grinding ball in one specification after the ball mill working sometime. This is not reasonable.  The size of the grinding ball affect the grinding size of the ore.  We shall add the big size of ball, at the same time we also add medium size and small size of grinding ball to make the ore grinding size in proper distribution.

At the same time, the grinding ball in reasonale size distribuation will make the wear rate lower.