Cyanidation of gold is a gold extraction method from the gold ore. It has been more than 100 years since the cyanide solution was used to leach gold from ore in 1887.

Working Principle:

Gold can dissolve in  cyanide solution.  The chemical reaction process as below:


The gold-containing solution obtained by cyanide leaching is called pregnant solution. It is commonly used to deposit gold mud by zinc replacement method or electrolysis method. Gold can be obtained by melting gold mud.

In order to recovery the gold well, we shall adopt different kinds of Cyanidation Process to deal with different kinds of gold ore.

1. primary sulfide gold ores

The primary sulfide gold ore contains a few mud. The gold is easy concentrated. It is usually adopting flotation and cyanidation method to recovery gold. After the gold is concentrted by flotation method, the gold grade is high. So small quantity of gold ore will enter into the cyanide leaching process. This will consume less cyanide and less pollution for the environment. It also reduce the investment cost.

Flow Chart of primary sulfide gold ores flotation and cyanidation

Raw gold ore—jaw crusher—cone crusher—screens—ball mills—spiral classifier—rough flotation—scavenging flotation—cleaning flotation—gold ore concentration grinding—Mining thickner—leaching tanks(first stage leaching)—leaching tanks(second stage leaching)—3 layer thickner—deoxygenating tower—filters—zinc dust precipitation—filter press—gold mud.

ZJH minerals supply 100t/d—1000t/d sets of equipment for Cyanidation of Gold by flotation and cyanidation.

2. Oxide gold ore

Oxide gold contains more mud. It is not easy for concentrate gold by flotation method. It is suitable for adopting by CIP method for gold leaching.

Flow Chart of CIP for cyanidation

Raw gold ore—jaw crusher—cone crusher—screens—ball mills—Mining thickner—agitation tanks—leaching tanks—active carbon adsorption tanks—Rotaspiral Screen—air pressure—disorption and electrowinning machine—gold mud.

ZJH minerals supply 100t/d—1000t/d sets of equipment for CIP for cyanidation.