Froth flotation process is an efficient mineral concentration method  in minera processing industry.  The raw ore is crushing, grinding and classification (spiral classifier or hydrocyclone) to be for getting the proper size and density ore pulp. The ore pulp goes into the agitation tanks,  where the flotation reagent is added for treating the surface of the ore particles. The treated ore pulp goes into the flotation cells for mixing and pneumatic, making the aimed mineral suspended and generates lots of froth.

During the cotact of aimed mineral and the froth, the ore particles with good floatability are selectively attached to froth, and the froth float up to the pulp surface to form a mineralized froth layer. The mineralized froth is scraped out by the scraper blade on the flotation cell, to be the mineral concentration product.  The ore particles with poor floatability are not attached to the bubble, but stay in the flotation cells, and finally discharged out of the flotation tank, become non-foam finished products, often called flotation tailings, so as to complete the separation of various minerals and the purpose of concentrating useful minerals.

Froth Flotation Process flow chart