Take the follow 6 steps for help you design and build a high efficiency CIP or CIL gold processing plant to extract gold from the gold ore.

CIP or CIL gold processing plant in africa by ZJH minerals

1. The concept of CIP or CIL gold processing plant
2. The application of CIP or CIL gold processing plant
3. Confirm the capacity
4. Design the flow chart
5. Purchase the equipment
6. Installation and operation


1.Understanding the concept of CIP or CIL gold processing plant

CIP (carbon in pulp): after you leaching the gold ore pulp in the leaching tank by cyanide, then feeding the leached ore pulp into the adsorption tank for adsorp the gold by active carbon.

CIL (carbon in leach) : feeding the ore pulp in to the leaching-adsorption tank, then leaching and adsorp the gold at same time at the leaching-adsorption tank.

In fact, the CIP and CIL do not differ so much. For CIL, we do not add active carbon in the first and second tanks(called Pre-cyanide leaching). So CIL adopts more few leaching tanks.

If there are As, Sb, Cu impurities in the ore, or processing oxygen consuming gold ore, adopting CIL will get high gold recovery rate than adopting CIP

2. The application of CIP or CIL gold processing plant

CIP or CIL method is suitable for processing the oxidized gold ore with high slime content.

3. Confirm the capacity

In this step, you shall consider how many ton of gold ore you will process per day or per hour, such as 100t/d, 200t/d or 300t/d, etc. This is the foundation of design a CIP or CIL gold processing plant.

4. Design the flow chart

According to the capacity, we could design a flow chart, including gold ore crushing, ore gridning and classification, thickenning, leaching and adsorption,  gold loaded carbon elution, electrowinning for getting gold powder, gold smelting for gold ingot,  tailings processing and filtration for dry tailing stack

Refer to the flow chart below

CIP or CIL gold processing plant worked by ZJH minerals

5. Purchase the equipment

the whole plant including jaw crusher, ball mills( for crushing and gridning the gold ore into the proper size for easy leaching ), leaching tanks, adsorption tanks, active carbon screen,  elution and electrowinning equipmet (the electrowinning tanks adopt steel plate as anode plate, tank voltage is 3V), tailings processing equipment.

when you choose the equipment manufacturer, please consider the factory with experience and good reputation.

6. Installation and operation

After the machines and equipment, we shall install the equipment as the designed drawing to be a plant.  During the operation this plant, we have to consider the element of raw ore features, ore gridning size, the density of the ore pulp for leaching, PH of the ore pulp, the density of the cyanide, the air flow, the type of the active carbon (coconut shell active carbon is recommened ), etc.

the follow picture shows the gold ingot from CIP or CIL gold processing plant

gold ingot from CIP or CIL gold processing plant

when you process 1 ton of gold ore, may consume the follow material:

sodium cyanide: 0.58kg

lime: 7 kg

calcium oxychloride: 0.39 kg

NaOH: 0.04kg

active carbon: 0.09kg

wear liners for ball mill: 0.4 kg

grinding balls: 3kgs

HCl: 0.1kg

and the electricity power.


We also supply 50~80 kg/h pilot plant of CIP/CIL plant. refer to the follow flow chart50 kgh CIP or CIL gold processing pilot plant