Denver D12 Laboratory Flotation Machine

  • D12 Laboratory Flotation Machine
  • D12 Laboratory Flotation Machine air flow meter

D12 Laboratory Flotation Machine is equipped with 6 acrylic flotation tanks (500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 4000ml, 8000ml). It could be applied for flotation test of 125-3000 g flotation sample. We could also equip stainless steel tanks as the client demand.

Technical Specification:

NO. Item Value Unit
1 Impeller Diameter Φ54, Φ73, Φ95 mm
2 Flotation Tank Volume 500, 750, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 ML
3 Circulating Drum Φ60×16, Φ60×30, Φ78×42, Φ78×64, Φ100×50, Φ100×102 mm
4 Impeller Speed 70~2000 rpm
5 Motor 250 w
6 Dimension 560x460x860 mm
7 Weight 58 Kg

Operation Tips:

  1. The speed of the flotation machine is regulated by a handle located directly above the cover. The speed can be adjusted only when the machine is running;
  2.  The impeller lifting of flotation machine is realized by shaking the handle and pulling out the small handle. Note that the small handle can not be put back during the impeller lifting process; Put it back when the position is confirmed. At the same time, be careful to pull out the small handle and put it back gently. The lifting mechanism can be fixed at any required height to adapt to the best agitation conditions;

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laboratory flotation machine is delivered to Australia