Ball Mills

Our Ball mills are designed for mining and mineral processing industry, for grinding the ore to the expected size for the next stage beneficiation process. We also supply the laboratory and pilot scale ball mills for mineral beneficiation laboratory test.

Ball Mill Coal Pulverizer for power plant

ball mill for coal gridning will dry, crush and grind the coal to be powder for the boiler fuel in Power Plant.

Mining Ball Mill

In mining industry, we ususally use mining ball mill for grinding the ores, like cooper ore, gold ore, lead and zinc ore, antimony ore, silver ore, iron ore, bauxite, Lithium ore , graphite, flourite ore, etc. So ball mill is a key equipment for mining industry.

Gold Ore Ball Mill

We have supply a diameter 1.8m, length 3 meters ball mill for gold ore grinding for south america.

High Pressure Grinding Rolls

Our High Pressure Grinding Rolls are used for copper ore,gold ore,iron ore,diamond ore,platinum ore,coal,granulated blast furnace slag,limestone,cement clinker and other mineral raw materials.

Non-metallic mineral ultrafine ball mill for dry grinding

FKM series non-metallic mineral ultrafine ball mill is a new type of mill  that combined with function of non-metallic mineral ultrafine grinding and iron free pollution.

Batch Ball Mill

According to the client's grdining material, our batch ball mill could be equipped different kinds of liners and gridning balls, such as ceramics, etc.

Grate Ball Mill

Grate ball mill for mineral processing plant for gridning the ore in high efficiency. Our factory will produce it according to client's requirements.

Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow ball mill is for mineral processing plant for grinding ores. We will produce it according to client's requirements. It is in heavy duty and long service time.

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