Gold Ore Processing

Gold ore processing equipment and technology is our featured product. we supply the gold ore analysis lab equipment, the gold ore crushing, grinding and seperartion equipment. On the different charactor of the gold ore,we supply the different technology for gold extraction by the method of flotation, gravity separation ,CIL & CIP,heap leaching, and biological oxidation,etc.

Elution and Electrowinning Pilot Plant for Gold

Elution and electrowinning pilot plant is the key equipment for the gold extraction by the method of cyanidation, CIP or CIL.  It will desorp gold from activated carbon to concentrated gold solution. Electrowinning is a process used to recover metals  gold  from concentrated solutions.  It is an ideal pilot equipment for gold extraction.

Pilot flotation and cyanidation plant

This set of pilot flotation and cyanidation plant is suitable for the laboratory of the gold ore dressing plant, mineral processing technology research institute, the university, Geology industry and metallurgical industry to do the flotation technology and cyanidation research on the gold ore, non-ferrous metals ore, non-metal ores, in order to provide reliable technical parameters for industrial production and innovation of mineral processing technology.

Rotaspiral Screen

Rotaspiral Screen is and essential equipment for CIP/CIL circuit of golf recovery. It removes wood fibre, trash, and oversize particles from slurried. It could separate loaded carbon from the slurry. It could recycle the fine size carbon.

Lime Slaking Drum

Lime slaking drum will make the quick lime block to be slurry lime.  It could be adopted for oxidation leaching of carbon in pulp (CIP)  for recovery of gold. It is also used for wastewater treatment. 

Gold Leaching Tank

ZJH minerals Gold leaching tanks are applied for gold leaching extraction by flotation & cyanidation, CIL or CIP method.  Our leaching tank is suitable for gold ore pulp leaching and absorption with specific graity of 1.4, particle size of P90 less than 0.074mm, density less than 45%.

Leaching and agitating tank

double impeller leaching and agitating tank gives moderate agitating strength, to keep the slurry density and fineness to be basically uniform in the tank, so as to improve leaching ability of the cyanidation and the carbon adsorption intensity.

Wet Pan Mill gold mining

CGN wet  pan mill gold mining also called wet gold grinding machine is used for amalgamation gold extraction of sulfide-free gold mines and is suitable for operations in field areas without power supply by equipped with a diesel generator.

Agglomeration Drum

Agglomeration drum is also known as Rotary drum agglomerator, rotary granulator. It is mainly applied for the gold ore fines agglomeration for heap leaching. It could also for the agglomeration of other ore fines, like silver, copper. It is featured with high capacity than other kind of pelletizing machine.

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