Grinding Balls

ZJH minerals manufactures and supplies high quality and cost effective forged steel grinding balls. Our products are designed for grinding of ores at mining and mineral processing industry. ZJH minerals has the capacity to manufacture high quality forged grinding balls with a high carbon content and the volumetric hardness from 60 to 65 HRC, of all sizes ranging from 20 mm to 160 mm for SAG mills and ball mills.

Sag Mill Grinding Media

SAG mill grinding media is the key element for ore grinding. If we choose proper grinding balls, it will has low wear rate and breakage rate. And it will save the gridning cost a lot for the mining company.

SAG mill grinding ball

The sag mill grinding ball produced by ZJH minerals is high-tech wear resistant products for different mines. Our grinding balls are researched relies on the scientific research team composed of experts and scholars in the field of wear resistance. It has the characteristics of high toughness, high strength, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, strong impact fatigue resistance, self-adaptive hardness, etc. In the process of use, it does not break, do not lose the circle, and does not peel off. It is widely used in various mines at present.

Hot Rolling Grinding Balls

Hot Rolling Grinding Balls has the characteristics of high toughness, high strength, high wear resistance,, high corrosion resistance.