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TNK AF-02 Intelligent Cupellation Furnace is an automatic equipment designed for the fire assay Cupellation test for ore and the natural product by ZJH minerals in accordance with the international standard ISO10378-2005 "Fire assay Method for determination of gold content in Copper, Lead and zinc sulfide concentrates". The equipment has a number of national patents, and the furnace modular combination can be independently disassembled and replaced for easy maintenance. The equipment intake and exhaust air can be automatically controlled without opening the furnace door, reducing the harm of lead oxide to the human body. Patented supporting tools make the loading and taking samples more accurate and convenient.

In the process of constant temperature, the range of furnace temperature fluctuation is small, and the temperature uniformity in the furnace is good. High degree of automation control, human-machine dialogue interface friendly, simple and clear operation.

The appearance of the gold and silver alloy particles formed after Cupellation shows that the shape is uniform, round and full, the spherical surface is smooth, and the metal texture is strong, which is obviously better than the gold and silver alloy particles obtained after ordinary high temperature Muffle furnace Cupellation.


  • Chimney opening and closing automatic control, adjustable opening, intake gas controllable, conducive to the experimental personnel to provide appropriate experimental environment according to the characteristics of different samples. 
  • The equipment intake and exhaust air can be automatically controlled without opening the furnace door, reducing the harm of      lead oxide to the human body. It is more friendly for the operator.
  • Furnace chamber modular combination design, can be independently disassembled and replaced for easy maintenance. The furnace chamber is unique in design and equipped with a gas deflector with patented technology to guide the hot air down to form an air circulation channel in the furnace. The temperature gradient in the furnace can be effectively reduced by the heat conduction of the soaking plate in the furnace, and the ideal cupellation effect can be obtained
  • Professional fire assay cuplellation process control software, all english touch screen operation interface, friendly,simple and practical operation. The experimental steps can be programmed variably, which is convenient to realize the fire assay cuplellation experiment of various samples.
  • Could make an appointment to automatically start the heating program to realize the advance heating of the equipment and effectively improve the experimental efficiency.
  • With the experimental process timing and sound prompt function.
  • The furnace door glass observation window can observe and control the cupellation process at any time.
  • The matching patent cupels load plate and one time loading sample tools make the cupels loading work accurate, efficient and fast.

Technical Specification

1. Rated temperature: 1200℃ (maximum 1300℃)

2. Temperature control accuracy: ≤±2℃ when holding heat

3. Furnace chamber size (mm) : 420×380×200 (depth × width × height).

4. Rated voltage: 3×380V (heating circuit) 220V (control circuit) could be adjusted on the client

5. Rated current: 3×40A

6. Rated power: 48kVA (adjustable output power)

7. Power supply mode: three-phase five-wire system

8. Equipment dimensions: 1120×900×1650mm (depth × width × height)

(Note: with footing, does not include chimney height)

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