Gold Refining Plant

Gold Refining Plant produced by ZJH minerals includes Electrolytic Gold Refining Plant and Gold Refining Plant By Aqua Regia. Our solution could purify gold to 99.9% or higher with high efficiency and environmentally friendly.

We have supply the EPC project for gold refinning, including design, equipment supply, installation and operation trainning.

Electrolytic Gold Refining Plant

  • fully automatic gold refining plant
  • Electrolytic Gold Refining Plant
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  • small gold refining plant

Electrolytic Gold Refining Plant  is suitable for gold refining with crude gold purity above 92%.


  • Integrated design, the whole plant includes a single electrolytic cell, circulating pump, rectifying power supply, automatic electrolyte replenishment system, electrolytic flue gas condensation recovery system.
  • Intelligent monitoring system for electrolyte temperature, voltage, current and copper bar temperature
  • The rectifier power is isolated from the acid gas in the workshop and has a long service life

PLC control system introduction by touch screen for convenient operation

gold refining plant PLC control system

  1. Electrolytic Gold Refining Plant is designed with PLC automatic operation system, using touch screen control rectifier power switch and current voltage setting, heating and circulating switches, etc.
  2. Designed with electrolytic voltage, current and copper bar temperature monitoring function, when the electrolytic parameters are abnormal,the interlock rectifier power supply can be stopped directly;
  3. Designed with electrolytic parameter storage function,it can query various parameters in the electrolysis process in real time and facilitate the analysis of various problems in the electrolysis process.
  4. The whole plant operation is simple, safe and convenient.

Typical Technical Specification

Model         Capacity                 Dimension           Electrolytic Liquid Volume

JQ-JDJ-5       5kg/d             1800*900*1900mm                    12L
JQ-JDJ-10    10kg/d            1800*900*1900mm                   24L
JQ-JDJ-20    20kg/d           2200*950*1900mm                    48L
JQ-JDJ-30    30kg/d           2200*950*1900mm                    56L
JQ-JDJ-50    50kg/d            2200*950*1900mm                   96L

Gold Refining Plant By Aqua Regia

  • Gold Refining Plant By Aqua Regia
  • aqua regia gold refining plant

Gold Refining Plant By Aqua Regia contains dissolution, reduction, filtration equipment and aqua regia prepare system, through the three-dimensional layout of vacuum system and equipment, through the valve control to achieve multi-space operation, stable and reliable operating system, without too much cumbersome operation. Titanium reactor is used for dissolution. Titanium material is light in weight, high in strength and resistant to aqua regia corrosion. The reactor stirring system adopts frequency conversion stirring and temperature monitoring system, which can save energy consumption and monitor the internal temperature of the reactor. It is the best material for gold refining equipment.

At same time this plant is equipped with fume scrubbers to ensure no harmful waste gas emissions.

The capacity could be 5kg, 10kg, 20kg per batch according to client's demand.

Gold Refining Process by Aqua Regia

This method is suitable for the raw material includes less than 8% Ag, such as coarse gold or solid gold slime from CIP or CIL plant. If adopt the coarse gold ingot, first make it to be small pcs by water quenching, then put then into titanium reactor , according to each gold add 3 ~ 4 weight times aqua regia, dissolved under the heating, after dissolving to let stand, filtration and thickning , then washing to move nitrate, and then reduction by sodium sulfite, ferrous sulfate, or oxalic acid, get gold powder, washing it, It is boiled twice with dilute nitric acid, washed to neutral, dried and ingoted to purify gold to 99.9% or higher.

Pure Gold Produced by ZJH minerals Electrolytic Gold Refining Plant

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