Our dewatering equipment mainly includes thickener and fully automatic filter press. They are special designed for the mining industry to dewater the concentrations and tailings, also for the hydrometallurgy industry.

In mining and mineral processing industry, the filter press is always for dewatering the froth flotation concentration or the tailngs. It is very important to choose a proper slurry pump for working with the filter press to get the best dewatering result. First step,  Let us review the working principle of the filter press The […]

Hose Pump for thickener underflow

Hose Pumps will be popularly adopted for transferring thickener underflow slurries. Why:  Only the hose is wear parts, which can be replaced in short time.  Hose pumps are versatile.  It is not afftected by impacted by paste density, viscosity and the chemical characters of the slurry.  Save energy. Compared with centrifugal pump, same pumping cpacity, […]

mining thickener

  24m thickener installed in Russia   Mining thickener is mainly used for dewatering  the wet concentrate during the ore dressing process. Our  thickener is mostly located between cleaning beneficiation process and filtration equipment. Thickener is applied to both the concentrate and tailings to recover water. The thickener could be used to recover immediately reusable […]