24m thickener installed in Russia

  24m thickener installed in Russia


Mining thickener is mainly used for dewatering  the wet concentrate during the ore dressing process. Our  thickener is mostly located between cleaning beneficiation process and filtration equipment. Thickener is applied to both the concentrate and tailings to recover water.

The thickener could be used to recover immediately reusable water back to mineral processing plant, as well as extract minerals at the same time.

ZJH minerals is a professional thickener manufacturers for mining and mineral processing industry. Our thickener could be used for gold mining, lead and zinc mining, copper mining, etc.

Advantages of ZJH minerals’  thickener

1. Equipped with automatic adding device of flocculant. The dosage of powder flocculant can be automatically adjusted by inputting the daily processing capacity and density of the thickener on the touch screen.

automatic adding device of flocculant on mining thickener

2.  Inclined plate is installed in the thickener to shorten the sedimentation distance of ore particles and increase the sedimentation area.

3. Rake overload and bottom underflow automatic control

4. Configure PLC programmer and touch screen automatic control system according to client requirements, and set the required action of thickener

5. Automatic control of flocculant addition and automatic control of underflow discharge can be equipped  according to the client requirements


Technical Specifications 

Mining Thickener Technical Specifications 

The above technical parameters are for reference only.

We can produce 0.7~3.6 meters of  laboratory thickener, 6~65 meters of industrial thickener. We could be personalized design and customized according to client’s requirements.


Project Case:

Following thickener is installed for a gold mining in China.

mining thickener

                               mining thickener for Zinc Concentration

Mining thickener installation 2

Mining thickener produced by zjh minerals


At same time, we also produce the Paste Thickeners.  

Our paste thickener is mainly for concentrations and tailings dewatering. Paste thickener discharges  underflow discharging with density 60%–70%.

Paste Thickeners



  1. Hose Pump for thickener underflow 
  2. Fully Automatic Filter Press making the underflow slurry more dry