Lab Sample Preparation

For chemical and physical analytical methods such as AAS, NIR, ICP or XRF, it is needing to crushing and grining the sample to analytical fineness. Our  lab sample preparation equipment is specially designed for this job for getting coarse, fine and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material.

ZJH minerals has decades of years experience on the lab sample preparation equipment for the industry of mining and minerals processing, geology, metallurgy. We will supply the machine and solutions for laboratory scale crushing, grinding and screening system.

Some sample is with Explosivity and Combustible Character. And some samples can not be oxidation during crushing.  How shall we crushing this kind of meterial?


  1. Consider the Hazardous features of the raw material, the crusher shall equipped with the dust collector with negative pressure. And the crusher is adopted the seal type.
  2. Consider the Explosivity, the crusher and dust collector shall equipped with explosion-proof motor
  3. Consider Combustible feature and prevent oxidization, the crusher shall be filling the inert gases when it is working. Our crusher is equipped with the open for filling the inert gases
  4. Process shouldn’t increase impurities or at the rate of minimum level, the crusher shall be equipped with zirconia crushing parts.
  5. The crusher is sealed type

ZJH minerals for laboratory sample preparation

This set of laboratory and pilot scale of crushing and screening plant is crushing the Polysilicon. First the raw material will be feed to the top hopper by the vacuum transfer pump. Under the hopper, there is a small feeder, which will feed the raw material to the double roller crusher which equipped with tungsten […]

Measuring Mineral Particle Size

Measuring mineral particle size in the ore is adopting the pictures took by the microscope (optical microscope, scanning electron microscope) on the ore thin sections. Mineral particle size can only be measured under a microscope from the cross section of the ore. Particle size of mineral in ore is an important factor to determine mineral […]

Stainless Steel Jaw Crusher finished product

we recommend you adopt our our lab jaw crushers ZJEP-100×60 with zirconia ceramic jaw plates. it is applicable for crushing high purity materials, avoid mixing other elements, no metal ion pollution, ensure the high purity and cleanliness of materials crushing 1, Technical data : 2, Application: our lab jaw crushers with zirconia jaw plates is applicable for crushing high purity materials, […]

mini jaw crusher

PE 40×80 Mini pollution free Jaw Crusher is mainly for crushing the geological and geochemical rock samples. It can strictly control the contamination of other elements except silicon and aluminum. It worked with our anti-pollution disc grinding mill, by which the whole process of sample preparation can be realized to prevent pollution.