This lead and zinc ore dressing plant adopt flotation method. The capcity is 600t/d for one line. The equipment includes 2 sets of grate ball mills and spiral classifiers, 24 sets of mechanical agitation flotation cells, 4 heavy duty agitation tanks. This kind of design is simple (little wear parts), robust, high working efficiency,  low […]

   Choose the proper size ball mill and hydrocyclone according to the ore charactor and the processing capacity.  Adopting the slurry pump with frequency conversion feature to feed the hydrocyclone for easy adjustment  Install Particle Sizing Systems to test the hydrocyclone overflow particle size easily  Make the feeder hopper, ball mill, slurry pump and hydrocyclone […]

In the laboratory of mineral processing, we always need to crush the ore in the proper size for the operation of grinding or analysis test. We could adopt jaw crusher as primary crusher and double roller crusher as the secondary for this job. The finished product size after crushing will be 1~3mm. And the capacity […]

In  the modern new material laboratory for research semiconductor or metallic material, we always face to crush the super hard material with compressive strength more than 250 MPA such as the SiC, or alloy (up to extremely 3900MPA). It is a problem to crush these material by the tranditional type jaw crusher. Why the traditional […]

Fineness is the operating index of the grinding and classification process of the ball mill, and the fineness of the discharge and classifier overflow and coarse sand return should be measured frequently in the ore dressing plant or froth flotation plant in order to adjust the operation in time. The rapid sieve analysis method commonly […]

In order to make the Electrowinning pilot plants to be versatile, we have to consider the 5 elements. No.1,  the material of electrolyte solution. You adopt the aqueous solution system or molten salt system. Here we just focus on the aqueous solution system, by which we could get the follow metal to be electrowinning: Cu, […]

In fact, the product discharging size depends on the gap between fixed jaw plate and moving jaw plate. We also call ” the gap between fixed jaw plate and moving jaw plate ” as CSS (Closed Side Setting). But the CSS (Closed Side Setting) is not the finished product size. If you set CSS of the […]

In mining and mineral processing industry, the filter press is always for dewatering the froth flotation concentration or the tailngs. It is very important to choose a proper slurry pump for working with the filter press to get the best dewatering result. First step,  Let us review the working principle of the filter press The […]

Continuous Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill

In mining and mineral prcossing industry, there are 2 kinds of Laboratory Ball Mill–Continuous type and Batch type . They are all wet grinding ball mill. It is easy to adjust the discharging particle size. 1. Continuous Ball Mill. It likes a small closed circuit grinding plant. It consists of feeding hopper, feeders, ball mill, […]

Becasue of the features of jaw crusher: simple structure, easy manufacturing, reliable performance and easy maintenance, it is widely adopted by the industry of mining and mineral processing, aggregate and gravel production.It is an important crusher. 1, Jaw crusher is usually for the primary crushing work. The jaw crusher mainly competes with the gyratory crusher. […]

Modular Flotation Plant ball mill part

What is Ball Mill Grinding Plant in mining industry? Ball mill grinding plant is a new concept is created by ZJH minerals. In the tranditional way, the ball mill for ore grinding for mineral processing is always a single machine mounted on the concrete foundation. When the mining owner receive the ball mill, he has […]

Hose Pump for thickener underflow

Hose Pumps will be popularly adopted for transferring thickener underflow slurries. Why:  Only the hose is wear parts, which can be replaced in short time.  Hose pumps are versatile.  It is not afftected by impacted by paste density, viscosity and the chemical characters of the slurry.  Save energy. Compared with centrifugal pump, same pumping cpacity, […]

shaking table for extract gold from rock gold ore

shaking table is an import tool for extract gold from rock gold ore. The flow chart: rock gold ore—-crushing—-grinding by ball mill or wet pan mill—-classifier—–Centrifugal gold concentrator—–shaking table—gold concentration. The whole flow chart is simple and do not adopt chemical reagent.  

7.5x3.2m SAG mill inner

The SAG grinding ball size is usually about 125mm. But more and more mining company adopt bigger size, like 135~150mm. Adopting the bigger size ball, the energy consumption of SAG mill will be lower, and the capacity will increase. View for 7.5×3.2m SAG mill inner                     […]

Pressure Oxidation for Refractory Gold Concentrate

Pressure Oxidation is the use of air or oxygen enrichment at high temperatures. The crystal structure of sulfide ore and some gangue minerals is destroyed under pressure. The wrapped gold is exposed to facilitate the cyanide leaching of subsequent gold. Compared with roasting oxidation and biological oxidation, hot press oxidation has a faster reaction rate. […]

electrowinning tank for tellurium

The copper anode slime with high tellurium content (about 3%) is first roasted by sulfation at 250℃, then the selenium dioxide is volatilized at about 700℃, and the tellurium remains in the roasting slag. After leaching copper sulfate in the leaching slag with water and then leaching with NaOH solution, sodium tellurite can be dissolved […]

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant 2

Introduction Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant is suitable for refining crude copper with purity of more than 99% as raw material, and the product is 99.99% high purity copper. At present, ZJH has JQ-TDJ-1, JQ-TDJ-2, JQ-TDJ-5, JQ-TDJ-10 and other standard models, which can meet the high purity copper output of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg per day, […]

Continuous Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill

Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill is ZJH minerals’ well-designed product.  It is composed of feeder, ball mill and gridning balls, spiral classifier, water flow pipe and control cabinet.  It is mainly used for the closed circuit and continuous gridning test for every kinds of ore. Features: 1. The overflow ore particle size could be easily […]

laboratory jaw crusher XPC 60x100

Laboratory Jaw Crusher XPC 60×100 is suitable for rock sample crushing in geology, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, nuclear industry (chemical exploration scanning and pollution-free crushing of the second generation of regional chemical exploration samples) and other departments.high crushing ratio, uniform product particle size composition, convenient adjustment, can meet the requirements of testing, mineral […]

This set of laboratory and pilot scale of crushing and screening plant is crushing the Polysilicon. First the raw material will be feed to the top hopper by the vacuum transfer pump. Under the hopper, there is a small feeder, which will feed the raw material to the double roller crusher which equipped with tungsten […]

hydrometallurgy to Extract Pure Gold and Silver from gold deposition produced by electrowinning cell

In the tranditionally way, after the CIL or CIP gold ore processing plant produce the gold deposition on the cathodes of electrowinning cell,  the cathodes are removed from the cell for calcining and smelting. During smelting the calcined cathodes are heated in a gas-fired furnace to a molten state in the presence of slag-forming fluxes. […]

Tungsten Carbide Crusher

Tungsten Carbide Crusher including jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher. They are equipped with Tungsten Carbide crushing chamber, which do not pollute the material. They are usually adopted the clean and no pollution crushing for the new energy material like lithium, silicon, uranium and gallium, etc.  These material is always precious.  The crushing capacity is […]

Laboratory Jaw Crusher Installation and Operation

This is laboratory jaw crusher is equipped with tungsten carbide jaw plates.  It is used for pollution-free sample crushing.  It is do not need for lubricating. 1, How to install it? After you receive the jaw crusher, first you could dismantle the support wooden beam under the bottom. Then install the 4 pcs of  rubber […]

Froth Flotation

froth flotation is an important method for separate the minerals from the ore. first we crushing and grinding the ore to be proper size like 0.074 mm less than 80% by a wet ball mill. Then we feed the ore slurry in the agitation tank where the frother, collector and dispersing agent is added by […]

Grinding Ball Option

In mining industry, if we choose the suitable grinding ball, the ball mill will work in high efficiency, meanwhile it will consume few gridning balls. By which, it save a lot of operation cost for ore grinding.   from long time experience of produce and supply grinding media for mining industry, the tips for choosing […]

CIP or CIL gold processing plant in africa by ZJH minerals

Take the follow 6 steps for help you design and build a high efficiency CIP or CIL gold processing plant to extract gold from the gold ore. 1. The concept of CIP or CIL gold processing plant 2. The application of CIP or CIL gold processing plant 3. Confirm the capacity 4. Design the flow […]

flotation reagents dosing peristaltic pump

Flotation Reagents Dosing peristaltic pump plays an irreplaceable role in the precise  flotation reagents dosing. Flotation agents modify mineral surface properties, increase or decrease mineral floatability, and make pulp properties and foam stability more favorable for mineral separation. The flotation reagent is adopted in the ore dressing industry, and the variety is the most, and […]

Beneficiation test of gold ore

According to the requirements of the mine owner, the six samples were combined into three kinds of raw ore samples in pairs.  Then the three kinds of raw ore were crushed to -2mm and mixed, then the samples were taken out for testing sample and stored separately. The contents of Au, As, S and other […]

Corn roller mill is for producing Cracked Corn.     Advantages: 1, Compact structure, uniform crushing, convenient and fast particle size adjustment; 2, Differential rotation of 2 pressure roller. The granule material is squeezed, cut and torn between the two pressure rollers, so as to achieve the ideal crushing effect; 3, the unique feed hopper […]

Measuring Mineral Particle Size

Measuring mineral particle size in the ore is adopting the pictures took by the microscope (optical microscope, scanning electron microscope) on the ore thin sections. Mineral particle size can only be measured under a microscope from the cross section of the ore. Particle size of mineral in ore is an important factor to determine mineral […]

Jaw Crusher Frame

The client’s old jaw crusher is broken. He sent the drawing of the old jaw crusher. We produce a new jaw crusher frame instead of the old one. The jaw crusher feeding open is 600*900. The jaw crusher is for crushing the copper ore.  The new jaw crusher frame is adopting the welded process. It […]

Froth Flotation Process

Froth flotation process is an efficient mineral concentration method  in minera processing industry.  The raw ore is crushing, grinding and classification (spiral classifier or hydrocyclone) to be for getting the proper size and density ore pulp. The ore pulp goes into the agitation tanks,  where the flotation reagent is added for treating the surface of […]

Lithium Mineral Flotation

Lithium Mineral Flotation is important method for getting lithium minerals (spodumene, petalite and lepidolite) from hard-rock resources. ZJH minerals supply the whole set of equipment for Lithium Mineral Flotation, most notably for spodumene. Spodumene theoretically contains 8.03% Li2O and therefore the production of this mineral is greatly increasing, especially demand for electric vehicle batteries. The […]

Ore Washing

In the open pit mining of non-ferrous metal industrial mines, it is often necessary to wash the ores to remove the clay mud or gravel. The different ores have different cleaning purposes. For open-pit mining of bauxite, it is necessary to wash away the clay mud adhered to the surface of the ore; in the […]

Flotation Column

For conventional flotation machine process problem of the molybdenum concentration containing 57% molybdenum, the flotation machine and flotation column joint flotation research engaged, through process optimization, the flotation machine and the flotation column joint, give full play to the flotation column separation of high precision, strong advantage of flotation machine recovery ability, producing concentrate containing […]

limestone crushing

limestone crushing is an important process for limestone mining.  The mining owner do not want fine products for some project case. They want to get more block product like lime making industry. ZJH minerals supply a simple and efficiency way for lime crushing and getting more block product.  The primary crusher is a jaw crusher. […]

Vibration Mill is mainly for fine and ultrafine grinding. Wear resistant liners are installed inside the cylinder body of the mill. The material of the liners can be wear resistant steel, ceramic or polymer material. The advantages of vibrating ball mill save energy good shape of the final powder product reliable and good performance modular […]

vertical stirred ball mill

At present, ZJH minerals develop a new product. It is a kind of batch vertical stirred ball mills. It is mainly for untrafine grinding for non-metallic minerals.  the finished product is less than 1 um. The effective volume is 0.3 cubic meter. The power is 11 kw. We adopt polyurethane liners. The stirred bars are […]

Gold Extraction Methods from different types of gold ores

Gold extraction methods include shaking table method, spiral chute, flotation, heap leaching, CIP or CIL ,Bio-oxidation , etc. Different types of gold ores shall adopt different kind of gold extraction method. 1.  Gold ores from gold-bearing quartz veins Mineral composition of this gold ore is relatively simple. Gold is the only mineral for collection. The […]

Bio-oxidation Reactor

Bio-oxidation reactor is used for biological oxidation of refractory gold concentrate containing pyrite or arsenopyrite. Gold concentrate after regrinding, magnetic removal of iron, thickening and removal of reagents, according to the proportion , adding water, sulfuric acid and biological media,feeding into the slurry agitation tanks, adjusted into a solid concentration of 16%- 25% pulp, which […]

Rougher Flotation Cells

Rougher Flotation Cells are usually placed on the beginning of the flotation circuit of mineral concentration process . In this stage the bulk of the gangue is removed from the ore. The aimed minerals will be concentrating in the froth.  These concentration froth will be sent into the cleaning flotation cells for getting the concentration […]

Ball Mill Manufacturers

Ball mill manufacturers (ZJH minerals) has the facilities and testing tools for mufacturing high quality ball mills.  We could prooduce ball mills for the industries of mining, mineral beneficiation, cement, alumina, refractory materials, etc.  We could also produce ball mills according to the client’s drawing and requirements. We also supply the grinding balls and wear […]

Cyanidation of gold is a gold extraction method from the gold ore. It has been more than 100 years since the cyanide solution was used to leach gold from ore in 1887. Working Principle: Gold can dissolve in  cyanide solution.  The chemical reaction process as below: 2Au+4NaCN+O2+2H2O——-2NaAu(CN)2+2NaOH+H2O2 The gold-containing solution obtained by cyanide leaching is […]

mining thickener

  24m thickener installed in Russia   Mining thickener is mainly used for dewatering  the wet concentrate during the ore dressing process. Our  thickener is mostly located between cleaning beneficiation process and filtration equipment. Thickener is applied to both the concentrate and tailings to recover water. The thickener could be used to recover immediately reusable […]

Laboratory filter press

Why ore beneficiation plant shall build a mineral processing laboratory? The ore characteristics is always changed as the mining stage different, so the present meniral beneficiation method or process do not recover the aimed mineral well. At this time, the mineral beneficiation plant shall observe the structure of the ore and analyze the nature of […]

semi industrial flotation plant

Our semi-industrial flotation plant with  capacity 1-3 t/d is mainly designed for semi-industrial scale test of continuous flotation. The features of mobile flotation pilot plant 1.beneficiation reagent dosing machine+ agitation tanks + flotation cells are formed a pilot flotation plant, which installed in a container for easy moving and transportation by truck. 2. easy operation. […]

Graphite Beneficiation Equipment

Complete set of Graphite Beneficiation Equipment usually includes jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, rod mills, agitation tanks, flotation machine, rotary dryers etc. ZJH minerals as more than 30 years of professional mineral beneficiation equipment manufacturers, according to customer’s requirementsand actual situation, can provide ore testing, ore dressing experiments, process design, a complete set of equipment […]

Froth flotation of gold

Froth flotation of gold is a widely used beneficiation method for treating rock gold ore in gold concentrating plant, which is often used to treat gold ore containing sulfide minerals with high floatability. The froth flotation process can concentrate the gold in sulfide minerals to the maximum extent, and the tailings can be directly discarded. […]

Complete set of potassium feldspar beneficiation equipment usually includes jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, agitation tanks, flotation machine, high gradient magnetic separation machine etc.  ZJH minerals as more than 30 years of professional mineral beneficiation equipment manufacturers, according to customer’s requirements and actual situation, can provide ore testing, ore dressing experiments, process design, […]

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