Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill is ZJH minerals’ well-designed product.  It is composed of feeder, ball mill and gridning balls, spiral classifier, water flow pipe and control cabinet.  It is mainly used for the closed circuit and continuous gridning test for every kinds of ore.


1. The overflow ore particle size could be easily adjusted by adjusting the height of the weir plate . And at the same, title angle of the spiral classifier could be adjusted by the wheel, also the speed of the spiral classifier could be adjusted for control the quantity of coarse ore return, for meeting customers’ more diverse experimental requirements.

Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill detail 1

Continuous Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill
2. Water spray for the spiral classifier return end for making the return coarse ore goes well

Heavy Duty Laboratory Ball Mill detail 2

Technical Specification:

Ball Mill size: diameter 420mm and length is 900mm
Ball Mill volume: 120L
Feeding size: 5~10mm
Discharged size: -0.074~0.5mm
Capacity:90~180 kg/h

Steel grinding ball loading


Steel ball Φ35-Φ40 (80)Kg

Steel ball Φ30-Φ35 (60)Kg

Steel ball Φ25-Φ30 (40)Kg

Steel ball Φ20-Φ25 (20)Kg


Manufacturing features for heavy duty aim and long life span

The follow pictures shows the small ball mill in Heavy Duty type. Inner drums it is linered with high mangenese steel plates for anti-abrasive.

small ball mill detail 1

small ball mill detail 2 (2)


In order to make our product is safe and well for sea transpotation, we pack the whole machine and the grinding balls in a wooden box. When the client receive the ball mill, it will work. It will save a lot of time for installation.


The follow video shows this Laboratory Ball Mill working for grinding the gold ore for pilot flotation test work.