flotation reagents dosing peristaltic pump

Flotation Reagents Dosing peristaltic pump plays an irreplaceable role in the precise  flotation reagents dosing.

Flotation agents modify mineral surface properties, increase or decrease mineral floatability, and make pulp properties and foam stability more favorable for mineral separation. The flotation reagent is adopted in the ore dressing industry, and the variety is the most, and the benefit is obvious.

Peristaltic pump is applicable to the quantitative automatic addition and measurement of various types of mineral beneficiation chemical flotation reagents (such as xanthate, amine xanthate, sodium sulfide, second oil, copper sulfate, oleic acid and other foaming agents, collectors, and adjusting agents). It is also suitable for the quantitative automatic addition of liquid cyanide and other chemicals in cyanidation.

Peristaltic Pump for reagents dosing

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