Relationship between Ores and Humans

Relationship between Ores and Humans

Ores and human beings have an inseparable relationship, since there have been humans, people know how to use ore to survive.
As early as the Stone Age, human ancestors knew how to use stones to make stone tools, as a tool to make a living.

Copper is one of the earliest metals discovered by human beings. In the late Neolithic Age, the metal first used by human beings is “red copper” (i.e. “pure copper”). Red copper originally comes from natural copper. In the age when stone tools were the main tools, people occasionally encountered natural copper when they were collecting stone tools materials.

Later, people know how to extract other minerals from ore, and smelting minerals and processing into a variety of tools and raw materials.

So we can say that the more human beings knew how to use ores and minerals, the more advanced his civilization was.

The follow vedio shows extracting lead and zinc minerals from oxidized ore by modern froth flotation method.