elution and electrowinning plant for small gold mine

The Know-How or Experience is on gold-loaded carbon elution and pregnant solution electrolysis, for direct production of  gold alloy. It is maily learning for small scale gold mine,  which adopting carbon in pulp plant or heap leaching, which adopting  active carbon adsorption process. It will help the small scale gold mine to get the pure […]

In order to make the Electrowinning pilot plants to be versatile, we have to consider the 5 elements. No.1,  the material of electrolyte solution. You adopt the aqueous solution system or molten salt system. Here we just focus on the aqueous solution system, by which we could get the follow metal to be electrowinning: Cu, […]

shaking table for extract gold from rock gold ore

shaking table is an import tool for extract gold from rock gold ore. The flow chart: rock gold ore—-crushing—-grinding by ball mill or wet pan mill—-classifier—–Centrifugal gold concentrator—–shaking table—gold concentration. The whole flow chart is simple and do not adopt chemical reagent.  

Pressure Oxidation for Refractory Gold Concentrate

Pressure Oxidation is the use of air or oxygen enrichment at high temperatures. The crystal structure of sulfide ore and some gangue minerals is destroyed under pressure. The wrapped gold is exposed to facilitate the cyanide leaching of subsequent gold. Compared with roasting oxidation and biological oxidation, hot press oxidation has a faster reaction rate. […]

electrowinning tank for tellurium

The copper anode slime with high tellurium content (about 3%) is first roasted by sulfation at 250℃, then the selenium dioxide is volatilized at about 700℃, and the tellurium remains in the roasting slag. After leaching copper sulfate in the leaching slag with water and then leaching with NaOH solution, sodium tellurite can be dissolved […]

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant 2

Introduction Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant is suitable for refining crude copper with purity of more than 99% as raw material, and the product is 99.99% high purity copper. At present, ZJH has JQ-TDJ-1, JQ-TDJ-2, JQ-TDJ-5, JQ-TDJ-10 and other standard models, which can meet the high purity copper output of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg per day, […]

hydrometallurgy to Extract Pure Gold and Silver from gold deposition produced by electrowinning cell

In the tranditionally way, after the CIL or CIP gold ore processing plant produce the gold deposition on the cathodes of electrowinning cell,  the cathodes are removed from the cell for calcining and smelting. During smelting the calcined cathodes are heated in a gas-fired furnace to a molten state in the presence of slag-forming fluxes. […]