Modular Flotation Plant top view

Modular Flotation Plant


Modular or Mobile Flotation Plant is featured with Integrated design, Short construction period and reasonable investment .

Modular Flotation Plant flotation cell part

Modular Flotation Plant ball mill part

Modular Flotation Plant jaw crusher part

  1. Integrated design: the whole plant includes jaw crusher, ball mills, hydrocyclones, agitation tanks, flotation cells,  steel structure non-standard parts and walkway and other standard parts, all of which are the whole set of design and supply, the owner saves time and labor. Construction and installation fast and efficient.
  2. Short construction period: it can be manufactured and pre-assembled in the factory, disassembled and shipped to the project site for rapid assembly. Each component is connected by bolts, almost no need for on-site welding, which is conducive to rapid construction and production.
  3. The investment is more reasonable: less civil construction, no concrete construction above the ground, low labor intensity, and the steel structure still has a high salvage value after a certain number of years.
  4. It has the ability to move and can be transferred to another site for installation and use.

We will design the portable flotation plant according to the client’s requirements. The volume of single flotation cell could be o.7~16 M3

modular flotation plant design