• Mechanical Agitating Continuous Flotation Cell

Continuous Flotation Cell

FX Model Mechanical Agitated Continuous Flotation Cell is applicable to separation of minerals with Flotation method in labs or pilot plant and semi industry scale.

Mechanical Agitating Continuous Flotation Cell

I. Application, Structure and Working Principle of Mechanical Agitating Continuous Flotation Cell
FX Model Mechanical Agitated Continuous Flotation Cell is applicable to separation of minerals with Flotation method in labs or pilot plant and semi industry scale. It is a unit of several combinations of several cells, varying from two to ten cells. Left or right type flotation machine can be supplied as required by customer.

2. Technical Specifications of Mechanical Agitating Continuous Flotation Cell

3. FX flotation machine is mainly consist of :

①Cell. It is made of welded steel plate. To adjust the level of slurry in the cell and the thickness of the scraped froth layer, use wall plates of the two cells to make intermediary cell; install slurry level regulator; and mount orifice plate onto the cover in the cell to avoid negative effects on the froth zone exerted by the chaotic motion of slurry, as well as to avoid the gangue from being taken into the concentrate by the machine.

Lining plates are installed at the cell so that the bottom of the cell will not be abraded. The lining plate can be replaced. On the outside of the cell bottom is a discharge mouth, which is used to discharge water during its cleaning.

The slurry flows through the overflow mouth of wall panel into the intermediary cell and tail cell. It flows to the lower part of the intermediary cell and the duct covered by the lower part of the cell wall and then to the next cell. In this way, it can continue to flow through all the cells of flotation machine. It flows from the feed cell and is discharged from the discharge mouth of the tail cell. The front and back of the lower part of the cell is installed feeding mouth, to make it easy to change the process flow.

②Impeller system. It is a disk impeller which is installed in the center of the cell in the flotation machine and whose blades are radially arranged. It is fixed onto the lower end of the impeller shaft and revolves around the vertical shaft pipe. The upper end of the pipe lies above the pulp stone and the froth layer while its lower end is supported on the cover. When the impeller rotates, a large amount of air can be sucked along the vertical pipe. Below the cover is fixed protective disk. The gap between the safety disk and the impeller depends on the amount of sucked air. It can not be larger than 3mm at most. When the gap is too large, replace the abraded protective disc and make appropriate adjustment.

The holes in the vertical pipe are used to circulate slurry as well as mix the slurry and air. The rolling shaft installed inside the bearing shell above the impeller shaft rotates. The bearing shell is installed on the crossbeam and belt pulley is fixed on the top of the shaft which rotates through the V-belt when the motor is turned on. The tension of the V-belt is adjusted through the nuts.

③Scraping device. The froth is scraped along the flotation machine through rotary scraper. The scraper is installed outside the discharge mouth of cell. At one end of the scraping shaft is installed belt pulley which rotates through the drive of worm reducer and V-belt.

. Installation and Adjustment Method

  1. Installation

①The machine should be installed on the workbench. When more than four cells are under continuous use, all cell sets must be in the same horizontal plane, then the scraper shaft can be connected in the same line. Leakage from the connection joints is not allowed.

②The installation site of the machine shall be accessible to 220/380V three-phase AC power. When connecting the motor terminals, pay attention to that the rotatory of the vertical shaft is counterclockwise.

③ In order to convenient work should take into consideration that feeing, discharging and inspection can reach all parts of the machine.

④ Magnetic switch should be used to transfer electricity and connect the motor terminal to rotate.

⑤ Before the machine is installed, the anti-corrosion grease must be cleaned and wiped.

  1. Operation

①Check whether the flotation machine is damaged and turn the main shaft to see if it is flexible or is stuck.

②When witched on or the motor terminal is connected, you should note whether the main shaft is rotating counterclockwise.

③During the flotation, the motor drives the main shaft and impeller through the delta belt for slurry agitation, and the scrapper motor drives the scrapper devices to rotate. The scraper directs the foam to flow out from the channel opening of the cell, and the slurry level and the height of the foam being controlled by the slurry level regulator. After the flotation, pull out the plug in the mine mouth at the bottom of the cell, and release the waste liquid within the cell.

④ Adjust the rotating speed of the impeller: the rotating speed of the main shaft impeller of the flotation machine has been transferred to 950 r / min before delivery. If you want to transferred it to 600 r / min or 1450 r / min, you need first to remove the protective cover, loosen the set screw on the motor seat, and adjust the delta belt to the appropriate cell position, then fasten the screws on the motor seat after tightened the belt.

Please tell your requirements: capacity, raw material, feeding size, ore pulp density, then we will design the flotation cells for you.

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