Lab Sample Preparation

For chemical and physical analytical methods such as AAS, NIR, ICP or XRF, it is needing to crushing and grining the sample to analytical fineness. Our  lab sample preparation equipment is specially designed for this job for getting coarse, fine and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material.

ZJH minerals has decades of years experience on the lab sample preparation equipment for the industry of mining and minerals processing, geology, metallurgy. We will supply the machine and solutions for laboratory scale crushing, grinding and screening system.

Some sample is with Explosivity and Combustible Character. And some samples can not be oxidation during crushing.  How shall we crushing this kind of meterial?


  1. Consider the Hazardous features of the raw material, the crusher shall equipped with the dust collector with negative pressure. And the crusher is adopted the seal type.
  2. Consider the Explosivity, the crusher and dust collector shall equipped with explosion-proof motor
  3. Consider Combustible feature and prevent oxidization, the crusher shall be filling the inert gases when it is working. Our crusher is equipped with the open for filling the inert gases
  4. Process shouldn’t increase impurities or at the rate of minimum level, the crusher shall be equipped with zirconia crushing parts.
  5. The crusher is sealed type

ZJH minerals for laboratory sample preparation

New Type Laboratory Jaw Crusher

New type laboratory crusher for crushing the alloy. we have supplied this laboratory jaw crusher to School of Chemistry of University of Sydney for crushing La-Ni alloy, Ti-Fe alloy and V-Ti alloy. The hardness should be between 500-850 Hv.

Vibratory Disc Mill

XZM-100 laboratory Vibratory Disc Mill could be able to crush and grind all kinds of medium hard brittle minerals. It is featured with high efficiency, low noise, no dust pollution and easy operation. It could be automatic stopped by manual or timing, with 2 kinds of different rotation speed and different material mortar for option, with 1 set of 100g steel mortar and 3 sets of 10g steel mortar, and supply different material mortar according to client’s requirements.

Sieve Shakers

Sieve shaker is an innovation machine by ZJH minerals. It is a reasonable innovation on the basis of the original standard vibrating sieves machine, improve the structure of the original frame. Structure more compact, the body weight is reduced, the product is more durable, light, convenient, more simple maintenance, easy to repair and purchase parts, can be widely used in laboratory sieving testing for geology,powder metallurgy, abrasives, powder, chemical, building materials, medicine, national defense and other departments, especially suitable for diamond powder, super hard material industry with high intensity and high frequency working.

Mortar Grinder

Mortar Grinder ZJH-120 is designed for grinding & mixing small batch of chemical and compound automatically for R&D laboratory.  It is applied for the industry of mining, mineral processing, geology, metallurgy, coal, cement, chemical engineering, university and research institutes.  The control system independently developed by ZJH minerals, can accurately control the rotation speed of pestle and grinding time,the minimum granularity can be as small as microns even nanometers.

Precise Planetary Ball Mills

ST series precise planetary ball mill is a stable, high-performance instrument. It could grind the specimens into the micron or nanometer size. The instrument is suitable for grinding (dry grinding or wet grinding) and mixing of soft, medium hard, hard and brittle samples, and the grinding results are uniform and repeatable.

Laboratory pellet press

Our manual laboratory pellet press is small in size and high accuracy in pressure control. It has been used in scientific research, teaching, testing, pharmaceutical, catalytic, chemical and other industries. In addition, the product can also be used for sample preparation with Fourier infrared spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer and other test instruments.

Soil Planetary Ball Mill

Soil Planetary Ball Mill  is an ideal facility for obtaining soil microparticle research samples for the laboratory.

Lab Jaw Crusher

The lab jaw crusherIt is the first choice for primary and secondary crushing of all the kinds of solid materials. It is for the sample preparation for the aim of components analysis.

Testing Sieves

Our testing sieve is widely for the lab particle size analyzing. It work for different kinds of powder specimens.

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