Filter Press Feed Pump in Side Suction Manner

Filter Press Feed Pump

XZBL series Filter Press Feed Pump adopt side suction method and the auxiliary impeller sealing technology, which  completely solve the leakage problem of the pump worked for  filter press.


  • The “no overload design” theory is applied in the design process of the pump. The head curve of low lift when large flow rate and high lift when small flow rate is fully in line with the requirements of the slurry pump when the filter press filters the slurry. After selecting the appropriate motor, the motor is not overloaded when the pump works in the full flow range.
  • The suction end of the pump, the pressure reducing cover and the auxiliary impeller are made of wear-resistant
    materials, which greatly improves the service life
  • The series of pump models, large flow range, can meet the requirements of all filter press for slurry filter pump

Performance Table:

Performance Table for filter press feed pump

Performance Curve:

Performance Curve for filter press feed pump


a little knowledge:

The working pressure of the filter press is equal to the clean water head of the feed pump multiplied by the slurry density and multiplied by the lift ratio coefficient


Project Case Study:

flow rate is 60 m3/h, head is 50m, power is 37KW. It is for a 110 M2 filter press. The slurry will be copper concentration from the froth flotation plant. It is adopted the variable frequency motor. The pump outlet open is 50mm, inlet open is 100mm.


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