Mineral Sizers

Our mineral sizers are specially desinged for mining industry. It is in heavy duty working manner. whether it is worked in mining site open or underground for crushing the raw ore ,overburden or installed in the mineral concentration plant for reduction the size of the ore, it will be performenced in high working efficiency and low power consumption.

Mineral Sizer for Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) rock

Mineral Sizer for Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) rock. It will work in high efficiency. And simple crushing process.we have project case in south africa

Mineral Sizers for mining

In mining, the semi-mobile mineral sizers are widely used for the crushing of waste rock and ores in the open pit mine.

Mineral Sizers equipped with wheels underneath

The mineral sizers with underneath wheels will make you easily move out the mineral sizers for maintenance and spare parts change.

Mineral Sizers for Laterite-Nickel Ore

Our factory design and develop the brand new sizing crusher, it is featured with big crushing strength, high capacity, energy saving, no blocking. It is widely adopted the Laterite- Nickel Ore mining for crushing the raw ore, and the Metallurgical Plant for crushing the raw materials.

Mineral Sizers for Coal Mining

In the coal mining, open pit or underground, it needs crushing the raw coal in the small size for conveying by the conveyoe belt or by the truck. Our mineral sizer for coal mining will be best for this job.

Mineral Sizers for oil shale crushing

This series of Mineral sizers is aimed for crushing the oil shale. It is featured with large processing capacity (500t/h--3000t/h).

Mineral Sizers for Gold Ore Crushing

Our Mineral Sizer is specially designed for crushing the hard rocks like gold ore, bauxite ore, copper ore, limestone, etc. It is best for crushing the ore with the sticky clay.