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Mineral Sizers for mining

In mining, the semi-mobile mineral sizers are widely used for the crushing of waste rock and ores in the open pit mine.

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In mining, overburden is the natural rock and soil that sits above and around the ore body. It is not subject to any chemical processes at the mine but needs to be removed to allow access to the ore.The benefits of adopting our mineral sizers to crush the overburden.
1. our mineral sizers could be easy to crush the rocks in overburden. It will avoid the crusher blocks by the clay
2. By the mineral sizers, it realize the semi-continuous mining technology. It  improves the reliability of the system.  It increases the production capacity and reduce the production cost.

The semi-mobile mineral sizers are widely used for the crushing of waste rock and ores in the open pit mine. It is the key equipment for the semi-continuous mining process ore treatment in the crushing field of large open pit mines. It has the characteristics of short process flow, high crushing efficiency, little damage to the environment and can reduce the cost of ore transportation.
Product features: a semi-mobile mineral sizer as a large open pit mining equipment, used for coarse crushing in mining factory, compared with stationary crushing plant, the main advantages are short construction time, according to the changing of mining operation, change the broken job site, shortening the distance between ore transportation, reduce the transportation cost, the construction of semi-mobile mineral sizer almost don’t have a lot of construction work and construction costs, due to the construction of the use of cement and other building materials, small damage to the environment.The semi-mobile mineral sizer adopts the overall transportation mode or the module transportation mode, which is convenient and reliable to move, and the workload of reassembly is small, so it can be quickly put into production.


we will design the mineral sizers according to your requirements: capacity, max feeding size, the finished product size, the water content.


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