Flotation Reagents Dosing Pump delivered

Totally 14 sets of Flotation Reagents Dosing Pump (peristaltic pump) are delivered to a European lead and zinc mining company.

These Dosing pump will be adopted for the flotation reagents such as Zinc sulphate ZnSO4, Copper sulphate CuSO4, Potassium amyl xanthate KAX, as for depressor, collecting agent or frothing agent,etc. The flow rates from 150ml/min to 1000ml/min.

The peristaltic pump can ensure the accuracy of flotation agent dosing in mining flotation process, reduce the manual dosing control error, and make the flotation dosing process automatic and intelligent.

the video shows our peristaltic pump working in a froth flotation plant for reagent dosing.


Also peristaltic pump could dosing flocculant to thickener for concentration and tailings thickening work as the follow picture.

mining thickener

mining thickener

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