According to the requirements of the mine owner, the six samples were combined into three kinds of raw ore samples in pairs.  Then the three kinds of raw ore were crushed to -2mm and mixed, then the samples were taken out for testing sample and stored separately. The contents of Au, As, S and other elements of the three kinds of raw ore were tested respectively. After the results were obtained, qualified raw ore samples were prepared according to the requirements of the mine owner for the next beneficiation test.

Beneficiation test of gold ore

According to the data provided in the early stage, it is considered that the main gold bearing minerals in this  gold ore are pyrite and arsenopyrite, so it is more appropriate to separate the sulfide ore by flotation.  In the first step, all sulfide can be flotation by a single flotation method to evaluate the beneficiability of gold, can determine the yield, Au grade in concentrate, recovery and other main indicators;  According to the comprehensive analysis of the first step index to determine the second stage of working: including the detailed test content on grinding size test, beneficiation reagent selection test, gold concentrating contrast test, beneficiation process optimization test, concentration product comprehensive test and analysis.

This part of the test can be carried out according to the requirements of mine owner. After the optimization of beneficiation process is determined in the previous test, the verification test can be carried out on the raw ore with different proportions, which can provide the test basis for the future ore changes.

Grinding and flotation test process: each with 0.5Kg raw ore, grinding with laboratory ball mill, roughing and scavenging with 1.5 liter flotation tank, and then with 0.5 liter flotation tank for cleaning.  

This process to contrast different grinding fineness, contrast reagent type and dosage, numerous test on number of times for scavenging and cleaning. After the completion of the test to select the best results of the corresponding conditions for repeated tests, get the optimal beneficiation process and conditions, recommended to the engineer for industrial plant design. 

laboratory flotation cells in laboratory

mobile pilot flotation plant by zjh minerals

mobile pilot flotation plant by zjh minerals