A 110 m2 of filtration area Automatic Filter Press for copper concentrate is delivered. The filter plate size is 1500x1500mm, the filter cake thickness is 40mm. There are totally 29 filter plates. The high efficiency automatic filter press complete at least 2 working cycles per hour (each working cycle: feed, press, air dry, unload cake, etc.).

Automatic Filter Press for copper concentrate

This filter press will be delivered a copper mine. The feeding material is copper ore froth concentration.

Why the client choose ZJH minerlas Automatic Filter Press:

because the client requires the filter cake water content is less than 10%. The common chamber filter press even with the Diaphragm Squeeze function (the water content is always be about 20%) can not up to client demand.

ZJH minerals Automatic Filter Press with the function of air drying function by the high flow rate of pressed air after filtration. so the filter cake moisture is evenly as low as 8%. At same time, it will push 3 plates per time, by which it will increase the capacity.

filter plate pull chain

The high efficiency automatic filter press is suitable for the filtration of high viscosity, low grinding fine particle size difficult to filter materials. Under the same filtration conditions, the water content of the material is reduced by 30-50% compared with the ordinary chamber filter press and 15-20% compared with the chamber diaphragm filter press.

At the same time, a complete automatic control system is designed to realize intelligent operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and shortens the auxiliary working time

we also equipped with this filter press with agitation tanks, feeding pump, etc.

agitation tanks for filter press