The main component of bauxite is alumina.

Bauxite beneficiation by flotation process can be roughly divided into washing – primary beneficiation – crushing – grinding – classification – separation – concentrate concentration–filtration,several processes.

Bauxite beneficiation by flotation process

Bauxite beneficiation crushing commonly used three-stage one-closed circuit crushing process;Grinding and Classification: Grinding often adopts grid type ball mill with closed circuit by hydrocyclone.  The requirement of -0.074mm>90%, grinding medium should be selected according to the grinding particle size distribution requirements and ballmill capacity.

Flotation usually adopts the process of one roughing, two cleaning and two scavenging.

Several application of bauxite

1. Crushing, sceening, calcination and make high aluminum material, which is used in refractory materials such as firebricks;
2. Crushing,sceening, calcination, made into white corundum and brown corundum, which will be used as raw materials for abrasives.
3. Through the complex purification process, alumina is made, and then pure aluminum material is produced by electrolysis.