The production line for beneficiation of fluorite is up to the aim of fluorite concentration by the work of a series of equipment with a clear division of job. The main machine for beneficiation of fluorite includes jaw crusher, grate ball mill, overflow ball mill, spiral classifier,agitation tank, flotation cells, thickner, filter,etc.

fluorite ore

The froth flotation process of beneficiation of fluorite

we have extablished a production line for beneficiation of fluorite in inner mongolia in China. This production line process 300 ton fluorite ore per day.  This production line adopt the follow process: 2 stage crushing, 2 stage fluorite grinding, 1 stage rougher flotation,  2 stage scavenging, 6 stage cleaning.

froth flotation process of beneficiation of fluorite

Technical Specification of some machine for beneficiation of fluorite

PE-500*750 jaw crusher for fluorite ore crushing:

MQG1500×3500 overflow ball mill for fluorite ore grinding:

Agitation tank for fluorite flotation

Thickner for fluorite concentration

Thickner for fluorite concentration

FAQ of Beneficiation of Fluorite from Fluorite ore

  1. The particle size of fluorite is not uniform in the ore, how to separate fluorite from the ores?

It must adopt the technological process of stage grinding and separation —- first get the rough concentration, then rough concentrate regrinding.Through the regrinding test of rough concentrate, the regrinding fineness was determined to be 98%-200 mesh.The rough concentrate was cleaned for 6 times after regrinding, and the reagent conditions were as follows: fine one, sodium silicate dosage of 100g/t, sodium hetaphosphate dosage of 50g/t, XJD-O1 dosage of 90g/t; three cleaning, sodium silicate dosage of 50g/t; four cleaning to six cleaning– blank selection.After regrinding and cleaning of fluorite rough concentrate, the concentrate grade of fluorite can reach 98.84%, the content of silicon in the concentrate is 0.74%, and the recovery rate of open-circuit flotation concentrate can reach 48.04%.

2. The distribution of fluorite is complex and difficult to separate
Fluorite is difficult to dissociate, because of the complex distribution relationship between quartz and fluorite. it is difficult to restrain the quartz, because quartz is activated by calcium, magnesium and iron ions in fine grinding.Here, the induction of sodium sulfide is used to eliminate the harmful effects of calcium, magnesium and iron ions.

The advantages of production line for beneficiation of fluorite by ZJH minerals

1. fluorite concentrate recovery is high, calcium removal efficiency is high, low cost.
2. Good product quality and low impurity
3. Simple process
4. low cost, less consumption of drugs
5. good stability

Fluorite concentration briquetting and usage

After you get the fluorite concentration, we could supply the fluorite briquetting machine. It will make the fluorite concentration to about 2.5 cm briquettes for metallurgical industry.

fluorite briquetting machine

The metallurgical grade fluorite briquette is to solve the problems in the process of smelting such as breathable, environmental protection, easy handling and special requirements on low phosphorus and low sulphur, made up of metallurgical grade fluorite powder glued with inorganic substances. In stead of fluorite lump, it is widely used in iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, ferroalloy smelting, iron smelting process etc.