Continuous Leaching Pilot Plant

Continuous leaching pilot plant consists of several reactors ( the exact quantity according to the user’s demand ) on step placement, control panel, support steel structures and the coonection pipes between the reactors.

Functions of each leaching tank: 

This externally inflated leaching tank can simulate the industrial site conditions more practically. And the agitation impeller speed features frequency conversion technology, stepless speed regulation, digital display and accurate adjustment. The tanks is also provided with digital temperature controller for real-time monitoring of ore fluid temperature.

Working Principle:

Several leaching tanks are placed on steps. The prepared slurry will be feed into the highest tank. And the slurry will flow by gravity to the lower tank.


Continuous Leaching Pilot Plant is suitable for the hydrometallurgy industry (such as gold, copper, rare earth, etc ) to extract the metal ion into the liquid from the solid ore.

Technical specification:

Continuous Leaching Pilot Plant technical spectification