Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant is suitable for refining crude copper with purity of more than 99% as raw material, and the product is 99.99% high purity copper. At present, ZJH has JQ-TDJ-1, JQ-TDJ-2, JQ-TDJ-5, JQ-TDJ-10 and other standard models, which can meet the high purity copper output of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg per day, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.


Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant adopts integrated design, the whole machine includes a single electrolytic cell, circulating pump, rectifier power supply, electrolyte automatic filling system, electrolytic gas condensation recovery system。Electrolyte temperature, voltage, current, copper bar temperature intelligent monitoring system. The rectifier power supply is isolated from the workshop acid gas and has a long service life.


1, product quality is very stable, can reach 99.99% high purity copper; High purity copper of 99.999% can also be produced according to special needs.

2, Transparent closed smoke hood, good working environment, easy to operate.

3, The main material of the equipment is high performance polypropylene material, the cathode and anode conductive part of the material is titanium-coated copper, excellent electrical conductivity.

4, This set of high purity copper electrolytic plant is designed with PLC automatic operating system, using touch screen control rectifier power switch, current and voltage setting, heating and circulation switch, etc.
Designed with electrolytic voltage, current and copper bar temperature monitoring function, when the electrolytic parameters are abnormal, can directly interlock rectifier power supply stop; The design has electrolytic parameter storage function, which can query various parameters in the electrolytic process in real time, and is convenient to analyze various problems in the electrolytic process. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate, safe and convenient.


Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant 1

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant 2

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant project case 1

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant project case 1(1)

the follow picture shows the manufactured state in our workshop.

Electrolytic Copper Refining Plant in our workshop