Froth Flotation Beneficiation process is one of the important processes in the application of ore dressing, and it is widely used. Froth Flotation Beneficiation is widely used in copper, nickel ore, iron ore, gold ore, lead and zinc ore, potassium feldspar, graphite and other metal and non-metal ore concentrate selection, with high efficiency, low energy, high handling capacity, reasonable economy and other advantages.

Froth Flotation Beneficiation
Froth Flotation Beneficiation flow chart

The advantages of froth flotation beneficiation by ZJH minerals:

1.Froth Flotation Beneficiation not only to reduce investment costs for customers, and the annual output is large, fast income.

2.Froth Flotation Beneficiation production line is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, with small loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

3.Froth Flotation Beneficiation production line is not only high efficiency and energy saving, and the energy saving of flotation machine can reach 60%, the dosage of flotation agent is reduced by 20%, and the recovery rate is increased by 1%~5%.The dry tailings drainage process is introduced to realize the recycling of tailings recycling water, reduce the cost of water use, and reduce the discharge of waste water, and reduce the harm to the environment from the normal production of mine.

4.Froth Flotation Beneficiation process design can be based on the environment, geology, climate, for customers to plan a reasonable production line flow chart, to achieve the promise of pre-sale service, sale service, after-sales service.