Becasue of the features of jaw crusher: simple structure, easy manufacturing, reliable performance and easy maintenance, it is widely adopted by the industry of mining and mineral processing, aggregate and gravel production.It is an important crusher.

1, Jaw crusher is usually for the primary crushing work. The jaw crusher mainly competes with the gyratory crusher. If it can meet the production requirements, it is generally recommended to choose a jaw crusher.

2, Consider the raw material max feeding size and discharging size. the max feeding size determines the openning mouth of the selected jaw crusher. for example, if your material size is 500mm, you shall choose the jaw crusher open mouth at least width 700mm, then the open mouth length will be 1060, so the model of selected jaw crusher will be C106.  For this model, the discharging open (CSS=closed side setting) adjusted range will be 70~200mm, and the discharged product size will be 0~300mm, and the crushing capacity will be 155~580t/h

3, Consider the structure type. The structure will affect the service life and durable charactor. The bolts fixed jaw crusher frame is recommended. Opposite, we do not suggest you choose the welding type jaw crusher frame (the welding seam of the frame always have the welding stress, if the manufacturer do not process well by heat treatment for relieving welding residual stress. It may cause the jaw crusher frame brokean from the welding seam).

4, CSS is adjusted by the hydraulic system for easy and fast work and reduce the labor force.

5, Consider the easy installation type jaw crusher for saving installation time and foundation cost. Choose the jaw crusher do not need the anchor bolts. The rubber damping block installed at the bottom of the crusher support seat can absorb the peak vibration load and effectively reduce the impact to the foundation.

This video shows the ideal type jaw crusher in our mind. We like it very much.