Laboratory Jaw Crusher Installation and Operation

This is laboratory jaw crusher is equipped with tungsten carbide jaw plates.  It is used for pollution-free sample crushing.  It is do not need for lubricating.

1, How to install it?

After you receive the jaw crusher, first you could dismantle the support wooden beam under the bottom. Then install the 4 pcs of  rubber shock pad like the following video. (adoting the screw bolt and nut to fix it). Then Put the jaw crusher level ground. The total weight of jaw crusher is about 160KGS. So you could better put it on the level ground for stable working.


2, How to adjust the discharging open?

First adopting the small wrench to loose the screw, then loose the handle screw, push the handle to be at a proper place.  Then fix tightly the handle screw and the screw. Please refer to the follow video.


3,  Now you could start the jaw crusher. After it will work smoothly.  Then you could feed the sample to the jaw crusher for crushing job.


4, How to open the crushing chamber and clean the jaw plates?

The below video show that openning the crushing chamber and clean the jaw plates. Please read the follow guide firstly.

If you want to open the crushing chamer. First you must stop the machine and close the electric power of the jaw crusher. Then loose the above screw.  Then the right hand hold the fix jaw plates. (please hold it carefully. Because the jaw plates is a little heavy, or it will incline to the swing jaw plates for impacting each other). Then turn the handle to the  moon shape position. At this time, you could pull out this shaft. Then lift out the fix jaw plate. Then you could clean the chamber by the little shovel and brush. After you clean it, take the jaw plate back and install the shaft and turn down for locking it. Then fix the above screw tightly.