Lithium Mineral Flotation is important method for getting lithium minerals (spodumene, petalite and lepidolite) from hard-rock resources.

ZJH minerals supply the whole set of equipment for Lithium Mineral Flotation, most notably for spodumene.
Spodumene theoretically contains 8.03% Li2O and therefore the production of this mineral is greatly increasing, especially demand for electric vehicle batteries.

The raw lithium ore is crushed by 3 stage of crushing process. The crushed ore will be ground by 2 stage of gridning process (rod mill gridning and ball mill grinding).  The ore slurry will be classification and desliming by 2 stage of hydrocyclone.

Then the ore slurry will be washing by the scrubber tower. The washed ore slurry will enter into the conditionning tanks and adding the reagents.  The conditionning slurry will be processed by one stage of rouger flotation, and two stage of cleaner flotation, and one stage of scavenging flotation, the we will get the spodumene concentrates including more than 5.7% of Li2O.

Flow chart as below

Lithium Mineral Flotation