In the open pit mining of non-ferrous metal industrial mines, it is often necessary to wash the ores to remove the clay mud or gravel. The different ores have different cleaning purposes. For open-pit mining of bauxite, it is necessary to wash away the clay mud adhered to the surface of the ore; in the open-pit mining of nickel laterite, the gravel in the fine ore should be washed and removed.

Ore Washing is generally carried out in two stages to meet the process requirements. The Rotary Scrubbers belong to the first stage of washing operation equipment. The process requires that the Rotary Scrubbers accomplish two tasks: one is to separate the -50mm (or -20mm) material into the second section of the washing operation as soon as possible; the second is to ensure sufficient flushing time, ensure +50mm (or +20mm) blocks or gravel are rinsed clean for recycling or removal purposes.

Ore Washing