we supply Potash feldspar grinding mill. The Potash feldspar grinding mill includes the bin, belt feeder, ball mill, air classifier and bag filter.

Potash feldspar grinding mill

The Potash feldspar grinding mill has the follow features:

  1. high working efficiency
  2. environmental friendly

The flow chart of Potash feldspar grinding mill

potash feldspar grinding mill flow chart

potash feldspar grinding mill flow chart

The technical specifications of Potash feldspar grinding mill

capacity: 4500kg/h 325 mesh potash feldspar powder

energy consumption: 60kwh/t


The finished potash feldspar powder by Potash feldspar grinding mill viewed by microscope

potash feldspar grinding mill finished product


Geology of potassium feldspar
K-par range of Potash Feldspars from our various geological mineral deposits is natural alumino silicates. They are enriched with a variety of physical and chemical properties. Their fusibility /purity make them specially suitable constituents for different ceramic and industrial applications.

Potash feldspar or potassium feldspar find applications as low cost fluxing agent in production of ceramic items i.e. compounding of tiles, sanitary wares, tableware’s, insulators and glazes. Potassium feldspar / Potash feldspar in glass-production, where it supplies the aluminum which enhances the strength / transparency of hollow glass / flat glass and glass wool.

Potash feldspar or Potassium feldspar is used as filler in paints, plasters, insulation etc.

Potash feldspar popularly know as potassium feldspar offers a range of properties to assist in the design of tableware items. With its high K2O, low Iron (Fe2O3) & Titania(TiO2) contents and due to stringent process controls, K-Par range of Potassium feldspar products assure the tableware markets of desired level of fusibility confirming to specified constraints, the required level of whiteness and excellent base for colouring.