Complete set of potassium feldspar beneficiation equipment usually includes jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, agitation tanks, flotation machine, high gradient magnetic separation machine etc.  ZJH minerals as more than 30 years of professional mineral beneficiation equipment manufacturers, according to customer’s requirements and actual situation, can provide ore testing, ore dressing experiments, process design, a complete set of equipment manufacturing, equipment installation and trainning,for the potassium feldspar ore dressing of EPC project.

Project case for Potassium feldspar beneficiation equipment

Potassium feldspar is also known as orthoclase, its chemical formula is: KalSi3O8, its theoretical composition is SiO2 64.7%,Al2O3 18.4%, K2O 16.9%.Potassium feldspar belongs to monoclinic crystal system, density 2.54-2.57g/cm3, specific gravity 2.56-2.59g /cm3, hardness 6, usually meat red, white or gray.Potassium feldspar has the characteristics of
low melting point (1150±20℃), long melting interval, high melting viscosity;Mainly used in glass (accounting for 50-60% of the total amount), ceramics (accounting for about 30% of the total amount), can also be used for making potash fertilizer, chemical industry, glass fusion agent, ceramic body batching, ceramic glaze, enamel raw materials, abrasives, glass fiber, electrode and other industries.