Laboratory flotation mchine is the scaled-down version of the External inflatable industrial flotation machine. Impeller system and tank matching replacement, 0.5 ~ 2.5L at any time to switch. Frequency conversion speed regulation, pulp flow field completely similar to industrial flotation mchine.

Technical Specification

Model:  LFM01

Dimension(L×W×H, mm): 600 × 350 × 860

Tank Volume(L) 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2.5

Main shaft material:  304 stainless steel

Flotation Tank material: PMMA

Flotation Tank Support Frame: aluminum alloy

Frequency/Speed(Hz/rpm):  0-50/0-2100


Impeller Specification:

Diameter:   30mm/35mm/40mm/45mm


Stator Specification:

Diameter:   60mm/75mm/90mm



220V~240V,  50HZ   0.37KW


Weight: 150KGS

 Recommended working Index

It is recommended that the equipment run under the recommended parameters (for reference) to ensure that the pulp is fully suspended and gas uniformly disperse in the flotation process.

Recommended equipment parameters for different flotation cells are shown in the table below.








HZ Air Speed
(L) (mm) (mm) (Hz) (L/min)
0.5 30 60 35-40 0~10
1 35 75 35-40 0~15
1.5 40 75 30-35 0~18
2.5 45 90 27-30 0~25


The beneficiation plant takes the ore pulp from the ore flotation plant and do the test. The testing result of our lab scale flotation machine is more similar as the industrial flotation working.
Our flotation machine will instead of the traditional laboratory flotation machine. Because the speed of the traditional laboratory flotation machine is too high, the mineral processing index can not be equivalent to industrial production.

The flotation machine has the following characteristics:

~Flexible replacement of impeller and stator

~Can match different specifications and sizes of the tank

~shaft components can be lifted up and down freely

~Adjustable air flow and spindle speed

~Air flow, pressure and speed figures are clearly displayed

~Ore discharging is convenient for subsequent operation


Speed Adjusted

frequency converter corresponds to the speed of shaft

Hz 10 20 30 40 50
RPM 420 840 1260 1680 2100


Air Supply Source

The external access air source adopts the matching small and micro DC brushless centrifugal blower or the rotary drum and low-pressure blowers selected by yourself, the recommended outlet air pressure is 1 to 6Kpa. Learn the air flow by the display reading of the air flow meter,  and adjust the valve opening on the air supply line according to the amount of air required by the test.

Equipment gas supply use a quick connector with an outer diameter of 8mm for external connections. Advised to use a PVC hose connection. By regulating fan

speed control knob to adjust the size of the gas volume.


Air source parameters:

Rated voltage (V) : 12/24/48;

Maximum static pressure (kPa) : 6.0;

Rated/maximum air volume (m3/h) : 15/36.1;

Rated/maximum power (W) : 40/55;

Rated current (A) : 2.3;


The air storage tank

Air storage tank function: The air generated by the fan can have a buffer in the gas storage tank, which can ensure the air supply stability in the flotation process;

Specific parameters of air storage tank:


Material: 304 stainless steel;

Volume: 20L;

1 inlet, 3 outlet, configuration valve can easily adjust the airflow

Equipped with straight insert quick connector, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, water drain screw;

Air Supply Source for laboratory flotation cell

19、air storage tank;20、connetor;21、fan;22、speed adjust