pilot centrifugal concentrator

pilot centrifugal concentrator

Centrifugal gold concentrator is an efficient equipment for recovering free gold in all particle size ranges ,especially for recovery of fine gold which is lost during the operation of other gravity concentrators (sluice boxes and jigs). It can be used not only for placer gold mining ,but also for recover the natural gold from hard rocks,to replace amalgamation,and recover gold from the tailings.
Application shows that the recovery can be as high as 99%,and the concentrating ratio is up to 1,000 times .In recovering the natural gold in rock ore with size-0.074mm,the gold is up to 98%. For 0.004mm in particle size , the gold recovery is 97%.

after more than 10 years researching and developing, ZJH minerals’ centrifugal concentrator is now with the function of continuous discharging and PLC automatic control. It is more high efficient and convinient operation.

Working Principle

Centrifugal gold concentrator is a relatively new type of gravity concentration equipment for mineral processing.The machine utilise the principles of centrifuge to enhance the gravitational force experienced by feed particles to make effect separation of heavy particles and light particles. The key components of the unit are a cone shaped concentrate bowl,rotated at high speed by an electric motor and a pressurized water jacket encompassing the bowl.

Feed material,typically from a ball mill discharge or cyclone overflow,is fed as a slurry toward the centre of the bowl from above. The feed slurry contacts the base plate of the vessel and due to its rotation, is thrust outward. The inner part of the concentrate bowl have a series of ribs and between each pair of ribs is a groove . During operation the heavy material flows upward over the grooves and heavy mineral particles (usually of economic value) become trapped within them, becoming the concentrated ore.

Due to the small centrifugal force, the light material is difficult to overcome the role of recoil water, light minerals are washed out of the groove by the recoil water, and overflow from the upper end of the enrichment cone under the drive of the continuous injection of water, thus becoming tailings.


1.For recovery of the placer gold. The ordinary placer ship is to concentrate placer gold by pumping sand, screening and chute. This method has low throughput and low gold recovery rate. The processing capacity of the centrifugal concentrator is large, the processing capacity is dozens to hundreds of squares meters per hour, it is could be instead of the screening and chute to enrich the placer gold
2.Used in gold flotation plant and carbon pulp plant. The traditional practice is to add mercury plate or jig at the outlet of the ball mill to recover the granular gold, but for ores containing heavy metal ions or high sulfur content, the mercury plate loses its role, and the heavy sand grade of the jig is not high. Adopting centrifugal concentrator instead of mercury plates or jigs will result in a higher recovery rate and higher grade of gold particles. It is more beneficial to the subsequent flotation operation and carbon pulp operation.
3.Applied in small metal mines to replace traditional gravity separation equipment. Niobium tantalum, tungsten tin and other minerals require large processing capacity and high enrichment ratio, so that centrifugal concentrator have absolute advantages, less footprint and low cost. It is especially suitable for resource recycling of tailings pond.

Technical Specification:

Model: STLB20
Capacity(t/h): 0~0.6
Flush water(m³/h): 2~3
Slurry water (m³/h): 1.5~4
feeding Density(%):0~50
feeding size (mm): 0-3
Concentration Cleaning Up Cycle:
Concentrate weight (kg): 2
Power(kw): 0.75
Weight(t): 145
Dimensions(mm): 790x785x790

Model: STLB30
Capacity(t/h): 2~3
Flush water(m³/h): 3~5
Slurry water (m³/h): 5~7
feeding Density(%):0~50
feeding size (mm): 0-3
Concentration Cleaning Up Cycle:
Concentrate weight (kg): 10~20
Power(kw): 2.2
Weight(t): 400
Dimensions(mm): 1180x1140x1250


1.High concentrating ratio and high recovery;
2.Steady recovery performance;
3.Center discharge design for fast ,secure concentrate removal;
4.Environmentally friendly(requires no chemical additives or reagents);
5.Low water and electricity requirements;
6.Low production costs, durable wear parts, minimal maintenance requirements;
7.Compact design requiring less space, easy merged into the existing mining processing ;
8.Quick payback on investment.

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