Pilot Scale Filter Press with feeding pump

Pilot Scale Filter Press is for laboratory of food, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, metallurgy, mines to produce small production.

Pilot Scale Filter Press with feeding pump show


1,The parts is made of stainless steel, which will not pollute the material
2, It is with the pneumatic diaphragm pump for feeding the raw material
3, It is with air compressor for driving feeding pump, membrane squeezing, air backblowing
4, It is with the membrane filter plate for squeeaing the filter cake to make it more low water content.
5. It is with a mobile chassis for easy moving


Model XMSG0.5/250-U
Filter area 0.5m2
Filter Plate Size 250x250mm
Plate Number 5+1+1
Feed pressure 0.6MPa
Close pressure 15MPa
Chamber volume 7.2L
Weight 240kg
Dimension L 1340mm
W 560mm
H 817mm


Body Material SS304
Filter-press Plates Polyethylene
Levers SS304
Cake tray SS304
Piping on chassis SS304
Feed Pump IngersoII Rand


Air Compressor

Air Compressor for filter press

Air displacement: 0.36m3/min
Pressure: 1.2MPa
Power: 4kw


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