Shaft for HPGR is ordered by overseas client. They buy the HPGRS from other manufacturer. They crush material of iron ore.  Inlet material size under 50 mm = 100%, under 30 mm = 80%, capacity( new material+return material) 900 t/h. Roller diameter 1500 mm, Roller length 1100 mm, pressure working 4000 kn/m2, gap between two roller first 20 mm – operation 47 mm.  But the main shaft occur 2 times of broken damage.

So the client send their shaft drawing to us. After our engineer analysis the drawing, we decide to produce the new shaft according to our manufacturing skill.

Ensure the shaft is produced in high quality. Our factory do a strict inspection process. The raw material chemical component analysis, mechanical properties test, heatreatment process,  grain size inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection test, hardness test, etc.

After we finished production, the client engage SGS engineer to inspect the shaft in our factory. All index is meet with the client’s requirements.

Shaft for HPGR inspected by SGS

Shaft for HPGR inspected by SGS 1

Then we packed the shaft in a heavy duty wooden box and delivered by a 20 feet container.

Shaft for HPGR packed

Shaft for HPGR delivered

we have the ability to supply the shaft, roller and other main parts for HPGRS.

The follow picture show the HPGR is produced in our factory.HPGRS