1. The basic data on the grinding system

Raw material:1.Calcined Alumina,2.Alumina Trihydrate

Feeding size:200 mesh,

Output size:Alumina Trihydrate:D50=9µm-1µm;D97=36µm-4µm

Calcined Alumina:D100=325mesh-800mesh

Capacity:0.5-0.7 T/h(on the basis of Calcined Alumina,D100=800mesh),this system could produce other size product. The capacity is different according to different size.

 This system is also for iron avoidance superfine grinding for other hard materials, for example: limestone, aluminium hydrate, quartz, zircon sand, talc, ceramic colors and frits, titanium dioxide etc.

  1. The introduction of this grinding system

This grinding system include disc feeder, 2830 ball mill, FJT315*3 air classifier, BHA4-7 filter drum dust collector, fans, unloader, iron separator, pipes, support frames and electric control part, etc. after the raw material feed into the ball mill, grinding to be powder, sending to the air classifier by fan, the powder less than 800 mesh will be collected by the dust collector as the finished product, bigger than 800 mesh powder will be back to the ball mill and be grinding again.

The features of this system:

2.1, the ball is designed according to the character of the ceramic liners, adopting the center driving system by the rolling bearings, grease lubrication, the discharging manner adopt grid plate and  edge round. The reducer is hard surface, long life span; no big and small gear, small footprint, no leakage of lubricating oil. Do no need change so much spare parts. The ball mill is lined by the ceramic liners.

2.2, Adopting horizontal shaft ATP super fine classifier, single machine classification in high accuracy, processing capacity is big. This classifier has advanced structure, accurate cutting point, and won’t produce the phenomenon of coarse running. It adopts the direct connection structure of the motor, and intelligent frequency conversion speed regulation control, which can fully guarantee the uniform speed of the classification wheel and high classification accuracy. The impeller of the classifier is a monolithic zirconia ceramic wheel, and the body is pasted with ceramic plates, which also avoids iron pollution and has a longer service life.

2.3, Adopt high-efficiency filter cylinder dust collector, key parts such as filter cylinder adopting Parker company BHA products, filter resistance is small, the accuracy can be 99.9%, the spray valve USES the imported ASCO valve, the failure rate is very low; Adopting blowback dust cleaning method by stop each box, can greatly improve the effect of dust cleaning and ensure the effective collection of ultrafine powder.

2.4, The system is operated under negative pressure to improve product recovery and reduce environmental pollution. Adopt the form of air feeding, cut down the bucket lift machine, buffer bin, lock air feeding valve and other links, making this system simple, the system failure rate is reduced. At the same time, the classifier feeding separation is complete, to ensure a higher classification accuracy and efficiency.

2.5, In addition to the main machine, the system adopts iron avoidance measures, and the wind path and conveying equipment also adopt iron avoidance measures throughout the whole process, which can fully ensure that the processing process as far as possible without iron pollution.

2.6, electric control part: The fan is soft start of Schneider soft starter, the ball mill and classifier are controlled by Schneider frequency converter, the dust collector is controlled by Siemens PLC, and the system is equipped with a central control cabinet and central operating table.


3. Equipment List and price

No Technical Specifications QTY






Manufacturer Note
1 Material silo


1     Made by client himself  
2 grate:200×200 1     Made by client himself  
3 Disc feeder:YPGL-620

Disc dia: 720mm


1     CHINA  
4 Ball mill: 2830

Diameter and length:F2.8x3m


Ceramic ball load:8-11.5T






reducer ZSY500-56

1 24   CHINA frequency converter,


excluding the ceramic balls and liners

5 screw:TC250×1000mm


1 1.1   CHINA Ceramic screw
6 Iron separator:210×210

magnetic field intensity:1Te

magnetic rod:5

1     CHINA  
7 Air classifier:FJT315x3

Impeller dia:F315mm

Impeller Qty:3

Impeller speed:3800r/min

Separation size :4-40mm


Power: 11kW x3

1 3.5   CHINA Zirconia impeller


frequency converter,



8 screw:TC250×3500mm


1 1.1   CHINA Ceramic screw
9 Bucket lift:TD250X8000



1     By the client from domestic  
10 Dust collector:BHA4x7

Wind capacity:13000m3/h

Filter srea:252m2


filter bag qty:28



compression air consumption:1.5Nm3/min


1 2.5   CHINA  
11 Air lock discharging device:GW-26(12)

Impeller diameter:280mm

Impeller length:215mm




2     CHINA  
12 Fan:LYF-5-II




drive manner: D




1     CHINA With electric control valve


Soft starter control


13 Auxiliary fan:8-09No:7.1D






1     CHINA With manual control valve


14 Support steel frame, pipes, platform, ladder, handrail, etc 1     Made by client himself We supply the drawing
15 Electric control system 1        

Note:1.  the compressor air consumption capacity 2Nm3/min, the client prepare by themselves

2. this offer not include the ceramic liners and balls for ball mill

3. this offer not include the connection cables

4. Support steel frame, pipes, platform, ladder, handrail, etc, made by the client. We will supply the drawings


5. Technical service

4.1, supply the matched equipment model helping the customer purchase

4.2, supply the footprint drawing and connection pipe drawing

4.3, supply the foundation drawing

4.4, we will send our one engineer to guide the installation and commissioning. The client bear our engineers travelling fee, food and hotel.


6. Project Case