In order to make the Electrowinning pilot plants to be versatile, we have to consider the 5 elements.

No.1,  the material of electrolyte solution.

You adopt the aqueous solution system or molten salt system. Here we just focus on the aqueous solution system, by which we could get the follow metal to be electrowinning: Cu, Zn, Co, Ni, Fe, Cr, Mn, Cd, Pb, Sb, Sn, In, Au, Ag, etc.

No. 2, The material of Anode plate and Cathode plate.

If we do Au/Ag, we could adopt Titanium plating Iridium as anode plate, and Titanium as Cathode plate.

If we make Cu, we could adopt lead-tin alloy as anode plate, and stainless steel as Cathode plate.

If we make Pb, we could adopt stainless steel as anode plate, and stainless steel as Cathode plate.

No. 3, Rectifier power could be adjusted.

Different metal electrowinning demand different voltage and current. So we could make the Rectifier power in Output voltavel 0-30VAdjustable, and current 0-100A  adjustable.

No. 4, Flow Rate of the electrolyte solution.

Usually the Electrolyte circulation is powered by a pump and speed is adjusted according to Teflon ball valve.

No.5,  The temperature of the electrolyte solution.

We could equipped the EW pilot plant with a heating bar and the temperature could be adjusted.

By the above 5 adjustable factors, we could make a versatile EW pilot plant for extract different kind of metal production from the aqueous solution system.


The follow case shows one of versatile EW pilot plant for copper and cobalt.

Name Specification QTY  Explain
Electrowinning pilot plant Size:


Weight: about 40 kgs


1 set

1.    Tank is 10mm PP welding

2.    Liquid level height: 200~250mm

3.    Cathode plate  and Anode plate immersion height:150mm

4.    Cover: transparent acrylic

Copper bar between the tank L350*W30*T5mm 5 PCS  
Copper bar on side the tank L350*W30*T5mm 2 PCS  
Positive and negative conductive cable (connected rectifier power supply)  





Copper core cable (including lugs)

Bolts Ø8mm 19 PCS 316L stainless steel
rectifier power support frame   1 PC PP welding
Cathode plate① L300*W200*T3mm 2 PCS 316L stainless steel,Submerged plate height 150mm
Cathode plate② L300*W200*T3mm 2 PCS Pure titanium plate
Anode plate① L300*W200*T5mm 3 PCS graphite
Anode plate② L300*W200*T3mm 3 PCS Titanium substrate, coated iridium tantalum  surface coating 5-8UM
Anode plate③ L300*W200*T3mm 3 PCS Four-element alloy lead plate (Pb-Ag-Ca-Sr), can be immersed plate height 150mm
circulating pump 15W 1 set Electrolyte circulation speed is adjusted according to Teflon ball valve,

Pump head tetrafluoroides

Liquid pump pipes ¢20mm 1 group Inlet and outlet circulation fittings (Teflon material)
rectifier power PKY-DY100-30FV 1 set Input voltage AC220V,50-60HZ

Output current 0-30V

Adjustable, 0-100A  adjustable,

with temperature control function

Heating bar 2KW 1 PCS External spray Teflon, high temperature and corrosion resistant
Packing Wooden box for export 1 PCS  


A little knowledge: Aluminum electrolysis can not be carried out in an aqueous solution, because in an aqueous solution, only hydrogen can be precipitated on the cathode and aluminum cannot be precipitated. Therefore, molten salt electrolyte must be used.  The electrolyte used for aluminium electrolysis is composed of cryolite (Na3AlF6), alumina (Al2O3) and other salt additives (such as AlF3, CaF2, MgF2, LiF).