laboratory flotation machine XFGC 50-100g is delivered to Mining enterprises of Australia.

laboratory flotation machine is delivered to Australia

Supply Scope: Main machine with pneumatic system, 2 impellers (Φ36、Φ48mm), 2 tanks (200、400ML), Hand scraper and English operation manual.

XFGCII aerated hanging cell laboratory flotation machine is mainly composed of body, flotation cell, stirring system, locking device, external aerated parts, scraper and electrical control parts.

Through the high-speed rotation of the rotor, while stirring the pulp, the air filled by the air pump is dispersed to form tiny bubbles, which are mixed with the pulp to form tiny mineralized bubbles and float to the liquid surface.

The speed of the rotor is stepless and can be adjusted by the frequency converter.

XFGCII aerated hanging cell laboratory flotation machine is equipped with 2 flotation cells: 200L and 400L. The operator could change it according to the different flotation test plan.


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