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Batch Ball Mill

According to the client's grdining material, our batch ball mill could be equipped different kinds of liners and gridning balls, such as ceramics, etc.


Batch ball mill is used for grinding ceramic, glass, pigment, paint, electromagnetic, refractory materials and so on. It is mainly used for material mixing and grinding. The advantages are uniformity product fineness and save power. Not only applying to dry grinding, but also wet grinding. This ball mill be equippe with different liners to meet different production requirements. Batch ball mill could be equipped with different kinds of liners, such as quartz liners, alumina liners and rubber liners, etc.  Fineness of products is controlled by grinding time. Motor is started by auto low voltage, which reduce the starting current.

ZJH minerals ball mill has the advantages of less investment, energy saving and electricity saving compared with similar products, new structure, simple operation, safe use, reliable performance and so on.

The structure and working principle 


0.2-60 ton according to the client’s demand.


ZJH minerals could design and produce batch ball mills according to client’s drawing and requirements.


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