Continuous Vacuum Disc Filter

Continuous Vacuum Disc Filter in lab or pilot scale is suitable for the small scale of filtration job for  iron concentrate and tailings, non-ferrous metal concentrate and tailings , but also suitable for coal washing plants, non-metallic mines, chemical and environmental protection and other fields. It will simulate the industrial working condition, and supply the parameters for selecting the industrial scale of Vacuum Disc Filter.

1, Working principle 

The filter disc is driven by the motor through the reducer and the open gear drive, so that it rotates at a certain speed in the tank body filled with slurry pulp. When a filter fan of the filter disc is in the filter adsorption area, the pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter medium with the help of the vacuum pump, so that the solid material is adsorbed on the filter medium (filter cloth) and forms a filter cake. The filtrate is discharged through the filtrate pipe and distribution head. When the filter is separated from the pulp level and enters the dewatering area, the water is continuously separated from the filter cake under the suction of the vacuum pump, and the water is further discharged from the filtrate pipe and the distribution head, and the filter cake is dried. After entering the discharge area, the cake is unloaded from the filter plate with the reverse blower and scraper, falling into the discharge chute, and transported away by the ore collecting belt conveyor. The whole operation process is carried out continuously.

2, Technical Specification:

Item Name

Technical Specification

Filter Area

m2 0.2

Disc Qty



Disc Diameter mm


Main shaft drive device

Main shaft speed(r/min) 0~1.1

reducer model


Motor power



Agitation device

Mixing type and speed

0-85 r/min

Paddle type

reducer model

Motor power


electric control cabinet

The main shaft and mixing device adopt frequency conversion speed regulation,

filter pipe

material Special process: wear-resistant tube
Filter fan material

Modified polyC (patented products, increase service life and increase water flow)

Filter cloth


Non-woven fabric (use special material, increase service life, increase air permeability)

Distribution disk and friction disk


nodular cast iron

agitation manner

Rake stirring

Blowback discharge




vacuum pump




Max capacity


Drainage tank



Air storage tank


3, Features:

Whole supply , including equipment steel structure, pipelines and control panel, etc. You can do the pilot test as soon as you get there in your site.