Bio-oxidation reactor is used for biological oxidation of refractory gold concentrate containing pyrite or arsenopyrite.

Gold concentrate after regrinding, magnetic removal of iron, thickening and removal of reagents, according to the proportion , adding water, sulfuric acid and biological media,feeding into the slurry agitation tanks, adjusted into a solid concentration of 16%- 25% pulp, which feeding into the bio-oxidation reactor.

The reactor was inoculated with autotrophic bacteria such as oxide sulfite bacillus to oxidize pyrite and arsenopyrite. The oxidation process takes 4 to 6 days. Oxidized pulp is treated by iron scrap removal, graphite carbon removal, thickening, washing, filtration. After treatment, the separated liquid is returned to gold concentrate for slurry blending and recycling, and the separated oxidizing solid is sent to the next operation (usually cyanidation) to for gold extraction.

ZJH minerals also supply the pilot sacle of  bio-oxidation reactor system. It could deal with 2kg–10kg refractory gold ore. It includes the agitation tanks, reactor and fans, etc. By the mixing of air, solid and liquid, up to the aim of gold recovery by the biological oxidation.  According to the client’s flow circuit design, we could also supply the thickner, neutralizing tank, CIP equipment or precipitation with zinc dust system.

Bio-oxidation reactor process