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Take the follow 6 steps for help you design and build a high efficiency CIP or CIL gold processing plant to extract gold from the gold ore. 1. The concept of CIP or CIL gold processing plant 2. The application of CIP or CIL gold processing plant 3. Confirm the capacity 4. Design the flow […]

Gold extraction methods include shaking table method, spiral chute, flotation, heap leaching, CIP or CIL ,Bio-oxidation , etc. Different types of gold ores shall adopt different kind of gold extraction method. 1.  Gold ores from gold-bearing quartz veins Mineral composition of this gold ore is relatively simple. Gold is the only mineral for collection. The […]

Cyanidation of gold is a gold extraction method from the gold ore. It has been more than 100 years since the cyanide solution was used to leach gold from ore in 1887. Working Principle: Gold can dissolve in  cyanide solution.  The chemical reaction process as below: 2Au+4NaCN+O2+2H2O——-2NaAu(CN)2+2NaOH+H2O2 The gold-containing solution obtained by cyanide leaching is […]